NOAA Blows Away The Fraud Record In 2012!

NOAA publishes something called “raw” monthly data – which is supposed to be unadjusted. It shows 2012 super-duper hot.

ScreenHunter_393 Jan. 11 23.37

Only problem is, this “raw” data has been massively altered. The graph below shows the difference between the “raw” monthly temperature and the GHCN HCN daily data which it is derived from.

NOAA has blown away the record for data tampering in 2012 – by a very large margin.

ScreenHunter_393 Jan. 11 23.33

Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn/

US temperature data from NOAA is complete crap.

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7 Responses to NOAA Blows Away The Fraud Record In 2012!

  1. Me says:

    What’s the +\- on this?

  2. Eric Barnes says:

    Here’s what NOAA needs …

  3. Richard T. Fowler says:

    Great work, Steven.

    And why, oh why have I not seen this on WUWT, CA, or the Air Vent?? What is wrong with those guys? They used to seem so sharp, level-headed, and just plain nice. What on Earth has happened?

    Anything you can share about this? Or perhaps you already have and I missed it? Thanks.


      • Richard T. Fowler says:

        Thanks, I vaguely remember that post, but I didn’t read far enough to see the reference to your work, because from the initial tone it sounded like more of the same from Anthony, i.e. the warming is not as bad as the government says. But even now, I notice that your work is sandwiched between two more moderate analyses that seem to suggest that Anthony does not really believe that your work is valid. What do you make of this, because to me it honestly suggests that Anthony is digging his heels in and just barely tolerating any suggestion that temperatures are not currently rising year over year.

        I suppose you are not inclined to state your true views of the matter, but for my part, I say it stinks to high Heaven, and I’m just beyond sick of it. There is even this in the comments:

        [SNIP – Mr. Barney, I’ve told you in the past that your vicious comparisons are not welcome here. Even though I’m not a fan of what NCDC does, I’m even less a fan of your categorizations and parallels which you attempt to ascribe Marxist and other connections. Get off my blog – Anthony]

        – RTF

  4. Rosco says:

    While the temperatures appear to be warmer than when I was a child in the 50/60s I think increasing urbanisation of where I lived has been important.

    BUT – there is no way 2012 is any sort of heat record here in Australia – if they claim it I call them liars.

    We had the coldest winter for years, we had extraordinary events such as snowfall in mid spring in the subtropics at less than 3000 feet elevation and to top all of that we had the wettest January to June period since 1974.

    With all of that there is no way 2012 could be the hottest year – it must be fraudulent to claim so.

    However, our Deputy Climate fraud – David Karoly – is currently making this assertion in the middle of some bad fire weather – of course !

    I remember Alan Jones calling Karoly on the 3 % human CO2 emissions and how human CO2 was only some percent on warming. Karoly claimed Jones was wrong by a factor of ten.

    ABCs media Watch then did a hatchet job on Jones and Karoly submitted an email which Jonathan Holmes linked to to prove Jones was wrong.

    Problem was Karoly’s email quotes human CO2 emissions as 30 % NOT THE CORRECT 3 %.

    So these sneering University qualified brainiacs Karoly and Holmes claim that Jones is wrong is provably incorrect as Karoly’s mathematical disproof of Jones is the one that is wrong by 10% !!

    Monty Pyhton’s Flying Circus would be hard pressed to come up with such a cast of smarmy characters who get their own sneering “put down” so colossally wrong !

    Funny except I’m forced to contribute to these idiots pay packets.

    • TonyO of Aust says:

      Rosco – it’s not just contributing to their pay packets that pisses me off, it’s the total cost to us of their idiotic policies.

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