Preparing For Evil

During the 1930s, the ruling National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis) stirred up fear and hatred against Jews as being a mortal threat to Germany. Then they took their guns away and hauled them off to concentration camps.

During the 2010s, the ruling National Socialist American Worker’s Party (Democrats) stirred up fear and hatred against climate skeptics and gun owners as being a mortal threat to the US. Then they took their guns away and …….

Germans were sure that they were doing the right thing in the 1930s. The country had to be saved.


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2 Responses to Preparing For Evil

  1. Andy DC says:

    This attempted power grab on the part of Obama is far more dangerous than decent people owning guns.

  2. Rosco says:

    I live in Australia and have never been a gun owner and now couldn’t legally obtain one as the local gun club lost its local council lease some ten years ago in favour of a pony club – no viable gun range no viable licence application.

    It is not a major issue for me BUT I am very concerned about the media manipulation and bias in the climate change brainwashing.

    We are in the middle of summer and we have had a few fires. We almost never see any stories about the winter in the northern hemisphere.

    The “2012 ws the hottest year on record” story was unavoidable if you turned on your TV. Deputy Australian Climate Clown David Karoly was widely featured with more doom and you’re gonna burn Chicken Little BS.

    NO mention of NASA saying the Sun’s influence on climate (as if that ain’t a no brainer) is probably significantly greater than “climate pseudoscientists” have claimed.

    NO mention of the UK met. office downgrading temperature predictions for the next five years.

    Isn’t it interesting how many lame excuses are created to hide a probale cyclic anomol;y in temperatures
    – they expect “global warming” to come roaring back “soon”
    – there are more than enough GHGs up “there” to overcome “any cooling effect” of the Sun (forgetting CO2 is actually significantly heavier than air at > 50% heavier)
    – the missing energy must be hiding in the deep oceans – a proposition that was NEVER proposed until it went “missing” .
    -“As a result of the atmosphere’s ability to radiatively insulate the Earth’s surface from losing infrared energy directly to the “cold” depths of outer space” – conveniently forgetting the 1368 or so watts per square metre “washing” through the “cold” space just above the atmosphere.

    All of these nonsensical statements were made by people with PhDs and not all are alarmists.

    Academia should hang its head in shame !!!

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