Australia Heatwave Update

I’m watching the Sydney v Melbourne soccer match right now. It is raining and everybody is bundled up. We are told that this is the worst heatwave in history.

Joseph Reser, adjunct professor at Griffith University’s School of Applied Psychology, said ”there’s a powerful climate change signal in extreme weather events in Australia for the public – the current heatwave is outside people’s experience”.


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12 Responses to Australia Heatwave Update

  1. Cheryl says:

    It is currently 18c here in Melbourne. Melbourne’s highest daily max. this month so far is 41.1c, which has to go some way to beat the all time highest daily max for January of 45.6c, which was reached on 13 January 1939.

    Likewise, Sydney where the current temp is 20.2c. The record for January was reached on 14 January 1939 and was 45.3c; so far this month the highest temp for Sydney has been 42.3c.

    You have to remember that Fairfax, who own The Age, also owns 33% of Earth Hour; so what would you expect.

  2. Streetcred says:

    It got to 33C in Brisbane today, nothing out o the ordinary for summer in my 26 years in this town. I will say that Brisbane has not been too humid so far this summer season. I can recall years gone by when the warmth combined with high humidity was ‘immobilising’. Looking forward to TC Narelle bumping the central low out of the interior so that we can get the monsoons back into the system.

  3. spelingbee says:

    Moomba records only go back 40 years or so.. beyond that its roughly the hottest day in 15 years. Sure its hot but nothing the sort of “the current heatwave is outside people’s experience”. Unless you happen to be under 15 years old. And they can’t vote anyway.

  4. Robertv says:

    the Gulf country is burning

    The fires down south get lots of publicity, and perhaps that’s fair enough since they’re more densely populated there. But there’s a very real disaster going on up here that a lot of Australians are completely unaware of.
    And of course, Juliar-bloody-Gillard doesn’t tour the North for photo-ops, full of conspicuous sympathy – they don’t vote Labor up here, you see…

  5. Andy OZ says:

    Perth – nice warm summer (with some hot days) with a Cat 4 cyclone in the north west.
    That is really unusual for the Indian Ocean!! (sarc)
    I’m really tired of this global warming propaganda.
    I’ll vote for the party that doesn’t want carbon taxes.
    First Houston, the the Ravens, then the 49r’s

  6. Rosco says:

    After 2 years of almost non stop rain from November to June the second half of 2012 has been dry in South East Queensland’s Brisbane and surrounds.

    It didn’t get warm till late December – much later than usual – the last few years excepted – In fact there was that wierd cold period in October with snow in the sub-tropical Gtanite Belt highlands.

    Since mid December it has been consistently fairly hot, over 30 maximums and dry.

    People seem to be easily hypnotized into accepting that what is actually the norm is extreme weather simply because the TV in particular keeps screaming the message – high 20’s to mid 30’s from October/November to March/April is actually normal.

    Did I say it is unusually dry here ? Luckily we’ve just come out of 2 very wet Summer years in a row – the wettest since 1974.

  7. Steve says:

    A good read & great flick about the real cause of our bushfires down under:

  8. ntesdorf says:

    Good article at JoNova regarding the persecution and prosecution of Mr. Szulc in Western Australia, who tried to protect his property from bushfires. He became yet another Eco-Nut Fascist Conservationism victim.

    Today and yesterday were cold in Sydney and it is raining. Warmistas are retreating to the Western areas like Wilcannia to get some of the heat that they crave.

  9. Yes folks, it has come to this. Just six out of the top 20 daily average temps constitutes “unprecedented” and “record” temperatures. But the best spin of all was the Prime Moron sagely warning all the “homebrandians” that there will be a lot more January weather in future. And, wait for it, most of it will take place between December and February.

    • The telling contrast was the “progressive” prime minister scoring political points about her carbon tax in her air conditioned office while bush fires raged. At the same time the “conservative” opposition leader was busy driving a fire truck into the bush fire zone as a volunteer.

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