Worse Than They Expected

A few weeks ago NRDC told us that western skiing was doomed due to excessive heat and lack of snow. This can be easily seen at Wolf Creek, Colorado where the current temperature at 1:30 pm  is -13F.

ScreenHunter_397 Jan. 13 13.32

Web Cam – Wolf Creek Ski Area


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4 Responses to Worse Than They Expected

  1. Ah, the world of people with plenty of money and time on their hands.

  2. Dave G says:

    But we were told “Snow is the thing of the past”

  3. margaret berger says:

    It would sort of be fun to pose as a reporter asking random skiers if they believed in man made global warming.

  4. Steve is obviously unfamiliar with the concept of “extreme weather snowfall”. This means that the snow that does fall is wet and slushy, making it unpleasant to ski on. Or extremely icy, making it excessively dangerous to ski on. A proxy for extreme weather snowfall are the number of annual ski accidents. These have increased in recent years, which fully supports the theory.

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