British Children Won’t Know What Bare Ground Is

ScreenHunter_403 Jan. 13 21.08

Europe-wide Next 3 Days Accumulated Snow

Obama has healed the climate!

ScreenHunter_284 Nov. 15 04.04


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7 Responses to British Children Won’t Know What Bare Ground Is

  1. kbray in california says:

    Obama has heeled all of us too.

  2. Andy DC says:

    The global warming people have already presumably covered their rears by saying they expected a lot of snow this winter, which is consistent with global warming. I don’t believe the average person is buying into that.

  3. Ivan says:

    Extremely variable climate change in UK 900 years ago:
    “..we read that the [Anglo Saxon] Chronicle for 1097 says, ‘This was in all things a very sad year and over grievous from the tempests.” In 1098 also “great rains ceased not all through the year.” Then there were tremendous storms in the English Channel and the famous Godwin Sands were submerged and the castle of Earl Godwin with all its inhabitants was destroyed. In 1099, there were again heavy rains in England; people and cattle were drowned and the Thames was flooded on the festival of St. Martin. In 1099, the rains were so heavy in England, that a severe famine resulted. Ostend in Flanders was inundated from heavy rains and on November 11, there was a storm in the North sea which flooded the coasts of Holland and England as far as Kent including the Thames estuary and there were 100,000 persons drowned. Conditions then suddenly changed and in 1100 the Nile reached only a very low level and in 1102, there was a great drought in England with excessive heat. The passage of Saturn took place in 1104-5 and heavy rain was reported in England in 1105 and the next year flooding from the sea was experienced, while at the minimum in 1108, there was famine in England and flooding from the sea, which is caused by heavy seas and high winds banking the water up.”

    • Lawrence13 says:

      With the surname Odin aren’t you expecting a Thor?.

      By the way don’t bear too much importance to the British tabloids they lie and distort everything. That why Peirs Morgan did so well as editor of the Daily Mirror .

      All the best

      • Billy Liar says:

        Of course, all those pictures of the snow in the Mail are fake. They pay people who specialize in film sets to go out and make fake snow all over the country.

  4. Lawrence13 says:

    Sorry folks but being a long term sceptic doesn’t make me a liar. I live in London and any reports have been greatly exaggerated by all concerned and that includes UKMO with it’s H&S obsessed warning system. Just look at the latest UK observations and compare to UKMO’s Orange Alert which is just one colour away from National Emergency Red, There is no snow on the ground in London as I type we did have some very wet snow this morning that melt by ten am GMT with light snow that turned to rain in the aftrenoon. Other parts of the country may have had slightly more and less but its hardly a severe winter.

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