CBS News : The Glass Is 38% Full

62% of Americans are against changing gun laws in the US, so CBS news reports that as

Poll: Spike in dissatisfaction over gun laws

At 38 percent, the survey reported a 13-point spike from last year in those Americans who expressed were unhappy with current laws and supported stricter ones. A 2012 Gallup poll showed just 25 percent expressing that attitude.

Poll: Spike in dissatisfaction over gun laws – Political Eye – CBS News

51% Obama support is a mandate to turn America socialist, but 62% against gun control is meaningless. Gotta love the communist press corpse in the US.

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4 Responses to CBS News : The Glass Is 38% Full

  1. scizzorbill says:

    Even if the glass was 1% full, the gov. is coming for our guns, either incrementally, or all at once. If Obama wants a civil war, it will be all at once.

    • Xander Bekkett says:

      I can understand why “scizzorbill” and people like him wan’t no change to gun laws.
      If a physiological evaluation ever becomes part of a “background” check, then he and those other paranoid “crazies” would not be allowed to buy any MORE guns. Unfortunately, even with insisting on background checks for ALL gun purchases and limiting the number of bullets in a magazine, crazy, paranoid “scizzorbill” and his kind, will STILL get to keep their collections of “murder” tools. There “autta-be-a-law” against THAT.

      Oh wait, there IS one. It’s called the “Second Ammendment” which allows citizens to own a musket as long as they are part of a “well regulated malitia”. If the government were to enforce THAT law, we wouldn’t need any new laws. I wonder if poor, crazy, paranoid “scizzorbill” is part of any malitia. Would any malitia let a “crazie paranoid” join?

      • Bill is crazy in the same way which George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were crazy. The Virginia Constitution made it 100% clear that a militia is not an army.

        You are a paranoid left wing loon who probably doesn’t trust himself with guns.

        “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”

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