McKitten Finally Reports On New England

McKitten is buried in snow in Vermont, but forgot to talk about it. Today, he finally he found a one day weather event to get excited about!

ScreenHunter_402 Jan. 13 17.49

Twitter / billmckibben: Top of Mt. Washington sets …

Hopefully Bill will take advantage of the balmy weather by hiking up Mt. Washington next week. Wind chill should be about -50F.

ScreenHunter_402 Jan. 13 17.50

ScreenHunter_403 Jan. 13 17.50

10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

h/t to Marc Morano


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7 Responses to McKitten Finally Reports On New England

  1. Andy DC says:

    Many places in Nevada, Utah and Colorado have been averaging from 15-25 degrees below normal for the month of January so far. What does McKitten have to say about that?

  2. Chuck L says:

    Of course he ignores the record cold in So Cal and focuses on Mt Washington. What a climate weasel!

  3. crosspatch says:

    I might say “Areas around San Diego and Los Angeles set all time record lows! Colder than Mt. Washington, NH”

  4. zip adee says:

    Gore and McKitty are liberal capitalists; raising funds and selling books with their continuous push of false-fear to the sheople.

  5. Justa Joe says:

    So Kittie’s schtick is to cherry pick random weather events that he feels sound ooh scary stuff kids a harbinger of the global climate meltdown while ignoring everything else, which constitutes the overwhelming majority of the weather. Wow… people actually follow this guy.

    EPA financed fraudster Pete Gleik is getting into the act as well.

  6. gator69 says:

    Of course he would not report that San Diego and LA are both COLDER than the top of Mt Washington.

  7. Ilma630 says:

    McKitty also refuses to apologise for being so alarmist about the Arctic sea ice non-melt (it was broken up by a storm) that has now just as quickly returned to normal. His rose tinted spectacles only allows him to see the doom and gloom according to his own definition, which he takes immense joy in proclaiming.

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