Gun-Free Zone

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This was made possible because of laws making airplanes gun free zones. The perpetrators knew that the pilots were not armed and were able to kill thousands of people with just box cutters.

Instead of spending hundreds of billions of dollars on airport security, they should have let the pilots carry $300 pistols.

Liberals trust pilots with huge projectiles loaded with hundreds of people and jet fuel travelling 600 MPH, but they don’t trust them with a gun. Because the left is made up of wildly irrational morons and lunatics.

h/t to NikFromNYC

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18 Responses to Gun-Free Zone

  1. With 200-300 million personal guns in circulation in the US, isn’t it a little late to be debating how to keep them away from psychopaths and criminals? Maybe if the US government wanted a serious debate on this topic, it should have had it circa 1784.

  2. O/T:


    The NINO3.4 Sea Surface Temperature anomalies based on the week centered on January 9, 2013 have just squeaked below the -0.5 deg C threshold of La Niña conditions. They are presently at -0.515 deg C.”


  3. Eric Simpson says:

    Poignant post, Steven. The libs want to dumb down this country, put it and us in a straight jacket. This country, as explicitly stated right from the start, values freedom essentially above all else. The Free and the Brave. That is us. The libs will take both of those things from us. The frontier spirit remains. But the libs, who think that they are superior and know better than the unwashed dumb members of the public like you and me, will crush the frontier spirit, the free, the brave. They did that to airline pilots, wanting to emasculate pilots for our safety, and look at the horrific result. They actually told pilots to just be passive in the face of hijackers. How inane, and liberal. And somehow the libs said that “in their wildest imagination” they “couldn’t even conceive of the idea” that hijackers would run a fuel-laden plane into a building, despite it making perfect sense from the suicide bomber’s perspective, and despite movies being made where hijackers did just that.
    Accidents will happen, and crazies will occasionally slip through the cracks with guns. This is sometimes the cost of a free society. Libs propose cures that are much worse than the disease. Take away our freedom and frontier spirit and we are stunted as a nation and a people. But the technocratic controlling liberals could care less about the frontier spirit and freedom that built this nation.

    And Will, does that mean we our officially in La Nina?

    • No. You need 3 consecutive months below a -0.5C SST anomaly, at least according to NOAA’s definition. According to BOM, it needs to drop below -0.8C for 3 consecutive months. The ENSO model ensemble mean is predicting that temps will bump along at -0.5C until past the middle of the year. Although take those forecasts with a grain of salt. 😉

    • Jason Calley says:

      @ Eric Simpson “But the libs, who think that they are superior and know better than the unwashed dumb members of the public like you and me, will crush the frontier spirit, the free, the brave. They did that to airline pilots, wanting to emasculate pilots for our safety, and look at the horrific result. ”

      While I agree with you opinion of the libs, they are only half the problem. Let’s take your example of the disarmed pilots. They were not disarmed by the libs, they were disarmed by the FAA under the control of Republican President G.W. Bush.

      Again, you are correct about the libs! But the reason why things keep going downhill is that the Republicans (once they get in power) do essentially the same exact things that the libs do. Additionally, the Republicans never undo or rescind the damage that the libs have set into motion. The US does not have a liberal party and a conservative party; the US has TWO liberal parties, one of which (the Dems) gets elected by giving liberal speeches, The other liberal party (the Republicans) gets elected by giving conservative speeches. The point is that they both do the same anti-freedom agenda once in power.

      Heck, even Obamacare could never have become law without Republican support. The case was a slam-dunk defeat at the Supreme Court until the Republican appointed and supposedly conservative Justice Roberts voted for it. And who did the Republicans run for President? The same Republican who formulated state healthcare that became the model for Obamacare.

      The libs are cancer. The fake conservatives are no different.

  4. Anthony Bremner says:

    I think all schools should have some form of defense weapons that can at least disable a gunman temporarily. Maybe prison riot weapons? I shall look into it.

  5. $300 pistols? Cheapskate! I would have given them customized M1911 .45s.

  6. NikFromNYC says:

    …and it was also an asbestos free zone, architecturally.

  7. Fortunately, airplanes are not all gun free zones any more. We’ll see how long it lasts…

  8. Be ready for anti-gun scum parading the Australian gun buy-back as a measure that supposedly saved 200 people a year since 1997.They got this figure from the drop in all suicides from 23.3/100,000 males in 1997 to 16/100,000 males in 2008. This is a 31.3% drop which is then compared to the larger drop in gun related suicides from 14% in 1997 to 8% in 2008, a 42.8% decline that the anti-gun scum claim is evidence that the gun buy-back worked.

    What they don’t mention is the fact that no-one was actually ‘saved’ because they just switched to hanging themselves instead. Hanging was 38% of male suicides in 1997 which increased to 48% by 2004, thereby more than cancelling the decline in gun suicide. But did these morons call for a ban on rope? Fat chance.

    For the record, the decline in total suicides over that decade can be attributed to the implementation of major new suicide prevention strategies and much improved medication. And the 1997 figure was a peak after a decade long rise which happened to coincide with 13 years of Labor Government. It seems that changing to conservative governments also saves lives. Suicides are rising again since Labor got back in power..

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