Overplaying His Hand

Obama has spent the country blind for four years and now is throwing temper tantrums to get his credit card limit raised. This is pissing off Republicans, hopefully to the point where John Bo(h)ner actually grows a pair.


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8 Responses to Overplaying His Hand

  1. Bruce says:

    Just say no. You know you can guys & girls of the House.

    At least afterwards you won’t feel or smell like you have been swimming in a tank full of decomposing leopard slugs.

  2. Edward. says:

    The Chicago kid, with the infinity credit card – loves to keep on giving and remember it’s all your money. Governments do not have any money, even Presidents don’t have any money but they can pretend that they do and when the money hose is turned off they go ape – and sure as hell they can all spend it like it wasn’t their money too.

    Ah democracy and ain’t it time the Tea party started getting real with Republicans who act, talk and vote like they are Democrats?

  3. ralphcramdo says:

    Obama is trying to piss off seniors at the Republicans saying that if the debt ceiling isn’t raised social security checks will be late.

  4. If the Republicans don’t submit then he can blame them for a market down turn or recession. If the Republicans give in then the US is in unknown territory. Worst case scenario? Collapse of the bond market, hyper inflation… who knows. If a worst case scenario pans out the Republicans will be blamed for letting it happen. The Republicans can’t win this one, either way.

    • squid2112 says:

      Then the Republicans should refuse to raise the debt limit, de-fund the White House, de-fund ObamaCare, de-fund the EPA, de-fund the NLRB, de-fund NASA, de-fund Dept. of Ed., and de-fund any other things they can possibly de-fund. Let this F’d up government shut down. At this point, we would be better off not having a government functioning at all, as they do more harm than good. Hell, shut down Social Security, I will pay for my mother in-law myself.

  5. squid2112 says:

    FACT: Government will always try to spend more money than you give them, no matter how much money that is. Period…

  6. Sundance says:

    Republicans are a house divided and Obama is taking advantage. First Christie now Newt G supporting Obama and warning Republicans not to fight Obama on debt ceiling.

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