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Global Warming Now Determined By One Month In North Carolina

“Winter doesn’t seem to exist anymore,” Bruck said. Global warming no longer a myth – Technician: News Much of the world has been freezing in record cold and snow in recent years, including the western US, so a North Carolina … Continue reading

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Mississippi Burning

Global warming is worse than it seems. When the IPCC predicted the demise of winter, they underestimated the amount of heavy snow which global warming would bring to Mississippi and Alabama. Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie 2001 Ice … Continue reading

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Would These Men Let The Government Take Their Guns?

I don’t remember seeing any discussion of hunting in the Declaration of Independence.

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A Helpless Government Of Left Wing Morons

On 9/11/2001 we allowed ten unarmed men to wreck New York and start two wars, because liberals (like Mayor Bloomberg) were afraid to trust pilots with guns. In December, 2012 we allowed one psychotic kid to wreck the US constitution, … Continue reading

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Overheated Atmosphere Strikes New Mexico

97% of scientists agree that human emissions of CO2 have overheated the atmosphere, leading to -34C temperatures west of Los Alamos. Peer review shows that without human interference, the temperature would be -34.7. President Obama plans to spend trillions of dollars … Continue reading

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Overplaying His Hand

Obama has spent the country blind for four years and now is throwing temper tantrums to get his credit card limit raised. This is pissing off Republicans, hopefully to the point where John Bo(h)ner actually grows a pair.

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Amazing Goal

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Hunting Small Game

Hens are always in season.

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Obama And Gun Control

We had an election eight weeks ago, and not a peep out of Obama about gun control. He should be impeached for election fraud and treason.

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Words Of Wisdom From A Great American

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