The End of The Beetle BS

Climate morons have been telling us that pine beetles are spawned by a lack of cold spells in the winter. This winter we are having near record cold out west, so they will have to come up with a new stupid theory for next summer.

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12 Responses to The End of The Beetle BS

  1. Pathway says:

    More forest, more beetles. Less forest, less beetles.

  2. Doug Cotton says:

    Carbon dioxide is no blanket. The “blanket” is produced by non-radiative diffusion processes primarily involving nitrogen and oxygen at the surface-atmosphere boundary. If the only consideration were the effect of water vapour and carbon dioxide you’d be sleeping under a handkerchief.

    Discover “The 21st Century New Paradigm in Climate Change Science” (on the Principia Scientific International website) and discover what real physics has now proved, completely negating any significant relevance of the old 20th Century radiative greenhouse concept.

    No back radiation caused the Earth’s surface to be 288K (or the Venus surface to be over 730K) all on its own, somehow multiplying the Sun’s energy. What did cause it was the temperature distribution brought about by diffusion of kinetic energy in a gravitational field, and this process continues to maintain surface temperatures as atmospheres absorb direct incident Solar radiation, the only possible radiation that can keep them at the observed temperatures. For more detail read “Planetary Surface Temperatures. A Discussion of Alternative Mechanisms” published by PSI in November 2012, as well as this week’s article mentioned above.

  3. fridayjoefriday says:

    If the maroons in that cesspool that was then and is now Washington DC, had just followed the native Americans and just burn the forest’s every five to seven years, the pine beetle would be not an issue. Just as history has proved time and time again, “Heap Big White Man” knows nothing and silly little red man knows mother earth. No heap big white man puts out fires and is forced by members of the sierra club to stop logging forest lands. The Cascades are becoming one giant tinder box, just waiting for that spark from lighting.
    I guess I should stop reading the Oregon Trail accounts of the settlers, and the smoke fill air of Blue Mountains of Oregon, or of the Willamette Valley tribes, whom burned the grass lands in late September to prepare the land for the next years bounty.

  4. gator69 says:

    Looks like it’s also the end of NYTED BS…

    “The Times Environmental Desk had a team of editors and reporters that never lost an opportunity to further the greatest hoax of the modern era and one can only hope that reporters like Andrew Revkin will be reassigned to cover high school football and soccer games in the tri-state area.”

  5. gator69 says:

    And now for some holy BS…

    ““What is particularly important is that sane and rational voices must respond to these questions and this scepticism, and I think that should get adequate currency,” said Pachauri, who in 2007 accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the IPCC. “Then people can make up their minds on their own.”

    He called on the media to take responsibility for the stories they run. “Unfortunately in several parts of the world, the media gives disproportionate coverage to those who take a contrarian view, even if they represent a very very small percentage of either the scientific consensus or public opinion. They get almost equal billing, and to my mind that seems a little unfair,” he said.”

    • gofer says:

      Maybe he can explained how he can go from Railroad Engineer to what’s been called the “world’s leading climate scientist”. That seems like quite a stretch. Wonder if Mann can drive a train?

      • TonyO of Aust says:

        Hey gofer – don’t insult railroad engineers – I used to be one – and we’re not all dickheads…
        Somehow, I managed to come to opposite conclusions from Poochewie, or however you spell it.

  6. For several weeks in the Summer of 1979, I worked as a grunt for the Colorado State Forest Service on their Pine Bark Beetle (PBB) project. Wanna know the root of the problem? The beasties love young, dense, even-aged stands of pine. These result from rapid regrowth after forest fires, and after logging operations. In both cases, one of the long-term remedies is aggressive TSI (timber stand improvement), aka thinning, a few years down the road.

    Of course, there’s a more creative solution: Spread the rumor that roasted PBB’s from the Front Range contain a natural hallucinogen. Hippie volunteers from all over the USA would descend on Colorado, and clear up the PBB problem in a single season! 🙂

  7. John B., M.D. says:

    Curious if wildfire suppression has anything to do with this. Anyone know?

    • Of course it does. Lodgepole Pine forest can’t survive without fire.

      • gofer says:

        Nature seems to have a way to deal with its own problems and every time we try to interfere, we eff it up big time. The arrogance of man is that they think they know more about how to control nature than nature, itself, knows. We can’t cure the common cold, but think we can alter the climate and the weather.

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