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Reducing Magazine Sizes To Seven

New York law now makes it illegal to have a gun, and your illegal gun is only allowed to have a magazine size of seven.

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Citizens Against Senseless Violence

Must watch video of world class leftie hypocrites exposing themselves. h/t to Blade

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Possession Of Any Weapon Is Now Illegal In New York

Cuomo rushed the law through before anyone could read it. It is now illegal to posses any weapon in New York, including a slingshot. s3.documentcloud.org/documents/555303/s2230-text.pdf h/t to Dave G

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No Trend In January Temperatures In The US

East coast lunatics believe that winter is a thing of the past, but the US shows no trend in January temperature since 1895.

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NOAA Loses The Missing Days

The last four days in December 2012 were essential to determine if 2012 was warmer or cooler than 1934. Temperatures were very cold across the US, and the gap between the two years was very small. It appears that NOAA … Continue reading

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Left Wing Problem Solving

Lefties believe that they can stop bad weather, by accusing climate skeptics of taking money from Exxon. They also believe that gangs in Chicago will stop killing each other, if Obama tries to disarm everyone in Wyoming.

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Virtual Snow And Cold Coming To The UK

According to Britain’s top climate experts, snow and cold ended in the UK 13 years ago. This winter’s biggest snowfall on the way this weekend – Telegraph

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