Obama Continues To Show His Contempt For America

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Let them eat cake

The House of Representatives is the only hope for representation which most of America has these days. Obama is telling them that he doesn’t care about their opinion and is going to bypass them.

In doing so he is giving 85% of America’s area the finger, and telling us that the US Constitution is null and void.

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5 Responses to Obama Continues To Show His Contempt For America

  1. gofer says:

    The Australian man who massacred 35 people was mentally challenged with an IQ of 66 and told police it was “lots of fun.” This led to the ban and buyback of over 600,000 guns and the real tragedy was that he was going from place to place where there were lots of people and shooting them at random and the only person who had a gun was at a gas station where it was not readily available. A lack of guns caused this deaths of all these people, so what do they do…..ban them even farther. Crazy, how they think. They should require people who run public places to have firearms.

    • TonyO of Aust says:

      Nah mate – our pollies in Australia have always been shit-scared of guns – precisely for the same reasons given in the US Constitution’s Second Amendment.
      The mongrels had always been looking for an excuse to stop the people having guns.

      gofer – do you know if a Coronial Inquest was ever held into the deaths of those 35 people?

  2. Jason Calley says:

    “In doing so he is giving 85% of America’s area the finger, and telling us that the US Constitution is null and void.”

    If he would just come out and say this at a press conference, it would be refreshing; it would also be perhaps the first time he had actually told the truth. Note that it is not something that I approve of — not at all! — but the fact is, yes, the US Constitution IS null and void. One could argue that there may be some minor clauses or procedural provisions that have not been violated yet, but those parts would be more interesting as exceptions rather than as standards.

    Consider this; Obama’s recent signing of the NDAA with its provision allowing retention and or execution of American citizens without charges or trial leaves no abuse in the forbidden category. When the President, on his word and by his personal decision can “disappear” any person in the country, there is nowhere left where he may not legally abuse our rights. Checkmate. End of game. YOU have no rights, because whenever he wishes, he may murder you.

    The US Constitution? Dead. All those graves in Arlington Cemetery? All those guys who “died for our freedom, died defending the Constitution?” Sorry, but as of now, they died for nothing. Does that make you mad? Does that make you angry? Good. It would have been better to be angry twenty years ago, but waking up later is still better than never waking up at all. The system and freedoms that our founders died for is gone. We burned it all up and (metaphorically speaking) neglected to replant the Tree of Liberty while using it for firewood.

    Going to be a cold winter and it is our own fault.

    • TonyO of Aust says:

      Jason Calley – well said – but it’s not just you guys – all round the world the same has happened – and it is all our own fault.
      I have an unfortunate feeling that the world is in for a dark period – now is a bit like the world in the 1930s. The really sad thing is that us old farts who let it happen won’t be the ones dying “in the trenches” – as usual, the young guys will be making the sacrifices.

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