Same Old Anal Retentive Puritans – Different Neurosis

UUCF clergy and members at today’s Pray-in for Climate Change in DC

ScreenHunter_407 Jan. 15 21.12

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h/t to Tom Nelson


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13 Responses to Same Old Anal Retentive Puritans – Different Neurosis

  1. TomC says:

    Looks to me that social justice might negatively effect the bottom line of this particular bunch of hypocrites.

  2. kbray in california says:

    I guarantee they all have/or had anuses,
    but who possesses which gender parts is just a wild guess.

    Maybe we’re not supposed to know which sex one is anymore…
    Oh yeah… Gender Justice.

  3. Jimmy Haigh says:

    All wrapped up nice and warm I see…

  4. They are just ordinary folk (and of course that means mistaught from youth–as every generation is–and so fragile of reason), and deluded by the “experts” who are defrauding all of us now.

  5. gator69 says:

    “Christians” who believe in “social justice” do not understand the teachings of Christ, because social justice endorses salvation through regulation and taxation, and not through personal sacrifice and commitment. God gave is free will, we are free to sin if we so choose, and that is what makes surrendering oneself to Christ significant.

    As the left loves to say, you cannot legislate morality, or salvation.

  6. Pathway says:

    To quote comrade Lenin ” Useful idiots.”

  7. gofer says:

    They say the earth is a gift from God, but apparently just the surface and air, nothing below the earth is to be touched. How can a religious person not recognize the one element that is responsible for modern civilization and lifting billions out of poverty, not a gift from God. It appears evil to demonize what has been the basis for prosperity while at the same time accusing God of not properly engineering earth to handle different quantities of CO2. Their real religion is physical, they are worshipping the creation and not the Creator. I wonder if they ask for forgiveness when they fill up the car and switch on the lights??? If you are going to lobby against “drugs”, then at least stop taking them so all credibility is not lost. Sheesh.

  8. Me, I go barging right in there to ask if our Unitarian friends thought about the 9th commandment as it applies to labeling skeptic scientists as corrupt. For those of you logged into Facebook (the reason why I created my QuestionAGW FB page), you can join me in hammering ’em in that manner at their comments section:

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