Visualizing Heidi Channel Fraud

Heidi and her team of scamsters take climate fraud to a new level.

ScreenHunter_407 Jan. 16 00.26

The Heat is On: U.S. Temperature Trends | Climate Central

Here is what is actually going on. Temperatures peaked in the 1930s and plummeted until the 1980s. They rose again somewhat until 2006, and have started plummeting again.

The dishonesty of people profiteering from the global warming scam, seems to know no bounds. Climate Central’s description is deceptive. Untampered thermometer data shows that the US used to be much hotter.

ScreenHunter_407 Jan. 16 00.18

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4 Responses to Visualizing Heidi Channel Fraud

  1. Cheryl says:

    Exactly the same sort of fraud is being perpetuated in Oz; are these people working in concert? For some reason and out of no where, we now have a national average temperature. No one appears to have heard of the BOM doing this before, but it sounds ‘scary’.

    JoNova has covered this subject well here:

  2. gator69 says:

    The 1912-2011 map is quite telling…

    Georgia has cooled! Lots of missing heat…

  3. Andy DC says:

    The irony is that when the weather is interesting, the Weather Channel says it’s man’s fault, but when the weather is dull, their ratings go down. So it’s man’s fault that the Weather Channel even exists.

  4. But, but, but….. Heidi’s ClimateCentral is a science research organization!

    Oh, wait……..

    “PBS NewsHour: Climate Central a research organization; Sorry, no. They advocate solving man-caused global warming”

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