62% Of Americans Are Against More Anti-Gun Laws

We are being bombarded with propaganda that the NRA is an evil organization which is blocking efforts to make America safe.

The reason that the NRA is powerful is because they are supported by most of America. Violent crime rates in the UK are nearly 400% of what they are in the US, because criminals in the UK know that they will face no resistance.  Obama’s teleprompter is not going to keep anyone safe.

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Gallup Poll

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1 Response to 62% Of Americans Are Against More Anti-Gun Laws

  1. kbray in california says:

    The Sandy Hook Shooter was nuts and somehow gained access to his mother’s guns.
    The solution to that is some mechanical double failsafe system to secure the weapons by the homeowner, barring access by crazy people, even if they outsmart the owner.

    Offering grants and loans for a good system would solve part of the problem and provide new jobs to the economy by the manufacture and installation of the failsafe systems.

    Banning or restricting the guns themselves is idiotic.

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