Urgent Message From Senator Rand Paul

Dear fellow Patriot,

My jaw hit the floor.

After reading Senator Dianne Feinstein’s new so-called “Assault Weapons” Ban, I can only describe this radical scheme as the effective END of the Second Amendment in America.

The gun-grabbers are going for broke, doing everything they can to “cash in” on the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

They’re targeting EVERYTHING — rifles, shotguns and even handguns — and every gun owner and gun purchase is to be catalogued and tracked by the federal government.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical you act IMMEDIATELY.

As you’ll see, I’ve enclosed a special Emergency Second Amendment Protection Directive INSISTING your Representative and Senators vote against this radical scheme.

Won’t you please sign it TODAY?  There’s no time to waste.

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19 Responses to Urgent Message From Senator Rand Paul

  1. gator69 says:

    Done! And I sent this out to my “Good Guys” distribution list… calling up the militia.

    • TeaPartyGeezer says:

      Steve, gator69, and everybody else …. please be wary of this website. (See the name at the bottom of the petition.) I googled the NAGR and spent the last hour or so trying to figure out who they are, and the impression I came away with was not good. I suspect they will use your email address to bombard you with daily requests for donations, and they can be notoriously difficult to ‘unsubscribe’ from.

  2. peterh says:

    19 January is the membership bomb for GOA.

    Out of NY:

    “Nobody from the Schoharie sheriff’s department is going to be taking any weapons away from anyone unless they have committed a crime,” Desmond said. “An average law-abiding citizen is not going to have to worry about the sheriff’s department coming to take their weapon or arresting them for having a weapon.”

  3. suyts says:

    Any Senator or Rep from Kansas voting for this madness will never be elected to a post in Kansas again.

  4. Jim says:

    The alarmism about the climate is changing and will destroy everything is basically the same as the alarmism about they are going to take your guns away. Neither of these scenarios is going to happen. For some reason the people who complain about the climate change alarmists are the ones who are alarmed about the government supposedly taking away our guns. The simple answer to both sets of alarmists is “It ain’t going to happen”.

    • gator69 says:

      Climate is not threatened by man, but liberty is, and always has been. The default position of men is not ‘freedom’, it is slavery to whomever holds the most power.

      I’m not from Australia, but would be willing to bet that they once said that noone would take their guns either.

      • Eric Simpson says:

        I always thought of Australia as a frontier type place, a land of the rough and tough, of outdoorsmen. To think that the outback has been fully wussified and (all?) guns have been taken from Australia of all places boggles the mind. It seems so much more likely that all guns would be taken away here, in the US. So, indeed we have a clear and present reason to worry… a lot.

      • TonyO of Aust says:

        gator69: “I’m not from Australia, but would be willing to bet that they once said that noone would take their guns either.”

        You got that 100% correct – and now we got scumbags doing home invasions (very rare before gun confiscation), gang shootouts in the streets, and a lowlife scumbag socialist government busily trying to take away our freedom of speech – even on blogs – and with a new “Bill of Rights/Anti-Discrimination” that makes it an offence to offend someone – see, no more criticising the government.

      • TonyO of Aust says:

        Eric Simpson – the vast majority of Australia’s population lives in the major cities and the coastal strips. The outback types have not been wussified, but their number is small and the socialist government is doing everything it can to destroy the individual farmers and their support towns..
        But successive socialist type governments have widened the welfare net and the “dob in your neighbour” attitudes to the extent this country is mainly comprised of whingers, welfare bludgers and well-off complacents, all easily manipulated by socialists and greens. It is definitely not the same Australia I grew up in in the 1950s and 1960s.

      • Ivan says:

        I always thought of Australia as a frontier type place..
        Largely the stuff of myth and imagination.
        Australia is (and has been) one of the world’s most urbanised countries. By 1900 over two-thirds of the population was living in areas that were classified as urban. Today about 70 per cent of the population lives in the 10 largest cities.

      • I thought you all lived like Crocodile Dundee, and ate Iguanas for lunch.

      • Ivan says:

        Just the Japanese tourists.
        And check out how “Crocodile Dundee” lived when he was slumming it at home:

      • TonyO of Aust says:

        steve – “….ate Iguanas for lunch.”
        Maaate – we eat goannas over here, with the occasional blue tongue dessert…

  5. Eric Simpson says:

    Liar in Chief
    From day one we knew certain things about Obama. He puts on pretenses, airs, he pretends… to have moderate views on keys issues, to be a moderate. But we know he is a radical. He was rated the most liberal senator in a senate of already extremely liberal senators that voted 60 to 0 (among Dems) to pass radical Obamacare. We knew that, despite what he said, that Obamacare would be a massive entitlements largely benefiting illegal aliens, that would stifle medical innovation, wreak havoc with the quality our own medical care as it at the same time raises our costs. We knew this despite the bull that O said. We knew he favored gay marriage despite what he said. We knew he favored full amnesty despite anything he said. Despite what he said, we knew he, given an opportunity, would go full bore against guns, trying to wrench the guns from the clinging hands of Americans everywhere. And him saying that he wants only to raise taxes to the levels under Bill Clinton, given the opportunity he would raise federal taxes to insane levels of 70% or the like, and would also institute wealth taxes, and socialism (govt takeover of many businesses). Yes, despite O saying that he is not a socialist, he is. Ask his best friends like Bill Ayers. Liar in Chief. And a muslim. We know that. Look at the church he went to for 20 years led by the radical crazy anti-American J Wright who was a muslim follower of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Wright, and his church, and O, are Christian in name only. CINOs.

    • Robertv says:

      And by ‘printing’ all that money , the dollars that are left in your wallet will be worthless. You’ll have to work until you die living in misery.

  6. Andy DC says:

    The question is not anymore if the country will come apart, it is just a matter of when. Given the present political climate, there is very little anyone can do about it.

    • TonyO of Aust says:

      AndyDC – i think that’s what they want – with the power of the military and police forces (supposedly) on their side, they can destroy whomsoever they desire and then build a new fully totalitarian state. Just think, no more troublesome elections, or having to answer to anyone – no term limits (President for life).

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