Ban Hammers!

Hammers kill twice as many people as all rifles in the US.

All hammer sales must be banned, and a $100 billion must be allocated to start the bureau of nail, hammers and drills, to track existing hammer owners.

Dallas police are calling the beating of a grocery store clerk a brutal, senseless robbery.

The clerk was beaten with multiple hammers at a grocery store on Military Parkway in Dallas.

Robber Beats Dallas Clerk With Several Hammers | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Obama says that the clerk should have called the police, while his head was being banged in.

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19 Responses to Ban Hammers!

  1. Robertv says:

    All hammers or only assault hammers ?

    Future Criminal

  2. Robertv says:

    Ban Hammers , Bells and Songs !

  3. kbray in california says:

    Near me January 16, Wednesday:

    4 Blacks drove up to a jewelry store.
    3 went in, 2 with hammers, 1 with a gun.
    The store owner pulled out his bigger gun and they ran out empty handed for the getaway .
    The car crashed. They all ran on foot.
    The roads were taped off near the crash.
    One neighbor called his daughter at home and told her to load the shotgun and wait.
    She was ready. He was caught nearby. Two are still at large.

    Most of the beneficial aspects of the event never make it into the news story.
    The owner prevented the robbery with his weapon.
    The daughter was ready to make the robber hole-y.
    MSM liberal agenda sucks.

  4. Latitude says:

    beaten with multiple hammers …..

    …obviously another assault hammer….had a clip

  5. Sundance says:

    Big boobies are also lethal and should be regulated.

    Look at how insensitive these people are in showing off their lethal weapons. 😉

  6. Fred . . . says:

    Ban V8 engines. Nobody needs a V8.

    They are too powerful and allow cars to go too fast and everyone knows excessive speed is the #1 cause of fatal car accidents that kills innocent children.

    Ban V8 engines . . . because they are not needed and just kill children.

  7. MikeTheDenier says:

    Run On Guns Has Now Forced Poor Robbers To Stick Up Banks At Hammerpoint

  8. Was it a semi-automatic hammer?

  9. Robertv says:

    What do we know about Hammerfest ?

    Could be a dangerous place to go with children.

  10. sabretoothed says:

    Attorney General, Holder Wants “Tough Penalties On Gun Traffickers Who Funnel Weapons To Dangerous Criminals”

    Yet Holder is begging the courts to stop the release of documents regarding Fast and Furious??? Hmmm…

  11. SMS says:

    Thor should be considered a serial killer.

  12. slimething says:

    Who thinks his AR has a 10 round mag? 🙂

  13. Ivan says:

    OMG – this has been going on for years:
    The inquest on the body of Anthony Green, who came by his death from a blow of a hammer dealt by Martin Rice, on Thursday last, at Kirk’s Forge”
    ~13 Sept 1861

  14. tckev says:

    Due to the lack of hammer, some felon are resorting to anything in the toolbox.
    What next? License for the toolbox?

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