Sarah Palin Demonstrates Gun Control

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12 Responses to Sarah Palin Demonstrates Gun Control

  1. kbray in california says:

    One of these should be handed to every law abiding US Citizen as they exit their polling booth.
    Printed down the side it should say ” I VOTED “.

    • Me says:

      You know that is just a piece of hardware only used in the Army’s landforce combat simulator, right?

      • kbray in california says:

        I noticed that it’s not a “standard issue” weapon.
        I present the concept of going to vote and being rewarded with a gun in the spirit of the second amendment. It beats an “I VOTED” paper sticker.
        Simulator or not, everybody can improve with target practice.
        I like the concept.

      • Me says:

        It feels just like a real weapon with the kick but no bang, so no ear defenders required. If you ever get the chance to try it out do it.

    • Slightly more than half of the voters in 2012 voted for Obama. I don’t want them to feel THAT empowered, they already think they “own” the country (as the present “surge”–note the military term–in climate and gun control alarmisms well demonstrate). The Insane Left, I call them, and they have been reinvigorated by Obama’s re-election.

  2. g2-55527e4d0e6a7560016aa81dbd8b142e says:

    H M The Queen shows excellent gun control as well –

  3. g2-55527e4d0e6a7560016aa81dbd8b142e says: – an even better picture of our leader at work, the URL says it all

  4. Jason Calley says:

    You know, a nice ad would be a picture of a woman with a real assault rifle (not just a semi-auto) and a caption that says, ” Why do liberals fear a woman with power?”

  5. Pathway says:

    Sarah know how to shoot and pull a gill net. What more could a man want.

  6. Andy DC says:

    Why the hell did she not run?

    • nigelf says:

      Because the left media machine destroyed her in the eyes of the voting public. Once McCain announced her as his running mate there was a day or so of the media fawning over her hunting and fishing ways and her rise up the political ladder but that rapidly devolved into one of the greatest smears ever accomplished against a candidate. Armies of left wing reporters descended on Wasilla with orders to search and destroy. They feared her immensly and realized they had to take her down ASAP.

      If only they had dug into the Kenyans past as their job description demands…

  7. Eric Simpson says:

    In retrospect, it’s easy for me to say on afterthought that Sarah Palin would have been a lot better choice then the Mr. Mushhead that was nominated. We all knew that Romney was big trouble for us, but with his nomination things unfolded almost like some horrible Twilight Zone. Sarah Palin? At least we would have someone with obvious conviction, and someone that is perhaps the best plain talking spokesmen, in a Reaganesque way, for the conservative cause. Should we have nominated her? Yes, we couldn’t have done any worse that with the Romney disaster. Of course, she didn’t run, but whatever.

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