Whole Foods CEO Says Obama Is A Facist

I’m sitting here eating my kale salad from Whole Foods, and saw this link on Drudge

The CEO of Whole Foods compared President Obama’s health care law to “fascism” in a radio interview on Wednesday

Whole Foods CEO: Health care law ‘like fascism’ – Washington Times

No wonder their food is so good!

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4 Responses to Whole Foods CEO Says Obama Is A Facist

  1. kbray in california says:

    What ever happened to that other “Whole Food” you had with the arrow through it ?

  2. Mike Mangan says:

    Great interview with with CEO John Mackey…


    Climate change skeptic! Let the demonization begin! Heh. For the Left, that appears to be the Unforgivable Offense.

  3. Pathway says:

    Obama is a fascist in the economic since. Otherwise he is just a tin horn want-a-be dictator.

  4. Whole foods is a non-unionized store that charged outrageous prices that people feel great about paying. In other words, they are great free market capitalists.

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