Background Checks For Prius Drivers

It takes about six months to get approved for a suppressor for a gun, but any idiot can drive a silent but deadly Prius.

The skateboarder injured Monday night in a car crash at Marin and Tulare avenues is in “grave” condition, authorities said Tuesday morning.   Berkeley Police said, after their preliminary investigation, that it appeared the driver of a Prius was eastbound on Marin Avenue making a northbound turn onto Tulare when he hit a skateboarder who was westbound on Marin.

Former El Cerrito Student in Grave Condition After Prius Crash on Marin – Albany, CA Patch

Hybrid cars are a cyclist’s worst nightmare, because you can’t hear them coming.


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11 Responses to Background Checks For Prius Drivers

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    They’re now developing regulations to try to make sure these electric cars make at least some noise. Nevertheless, these silent but deadly vehicles are a danger to everyone. Anyone can easily make the fatal mistake of stepping out in front of such a vehicle. How many more billions of dollars in govt subsidies must we spend to get more of these vehicles on the road? If we lose even just one life is it worth it?

  2. gator69 says:

    I remember reading a few years back about engineers working on a new type of road pavement that would reduce tire noise, and thought about how deadly that could be as more and more electric cars and bicycles are sharing those same roads.

  3. Sundance says:

    Seeing as how The irrational left doesn’t mind bald eagles being killed to save the bird shredding wind turbines they would likely make it a criminal violation to ride your bike on a public street before they would regulate their beloved Prius.

  4. ozspeaksup says:

    I had the same issue with the electric forklifts used in a place I worked you didnt hear em coming, and I have A1 hearing.
    Prius buyers need a Sanity check!
    why would you pay 3x the price for so much less?
    unless you were mad.

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