Obama Keeps Talking About Lincoln

Obama is the anti-Lincoln. Everything is about himself – whereas Lincoln was about the country. The only similarity is that Lincoln presided over a Civil War.

Listen up Barack. No one could care less about you. I’m sorry that your father didn’t love you – but please stop taking your insecurities out on everybody else.

We are all just trying to live our lives without you interfering.  Don’t go away mad, just go away.

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12 Responses to Obama Keeps Talking About Lincoln

  1. I was left with the impression that the new Lincoln movie (not the one where he kills vampires, although that was more entertaining) attempted to make a virtue of political hanky panky in the name of ‘noble causes.’ I read it as a political statement endorsing Obama in the same sense that the 2nd Batman movie made political statements endorsing Bush.

  2. DP says:

    Obama’s more Andrew Johnson than Lincoln.

  3. Chewer says:

    Maybe Biden’s slip about being president was an intuitive thought???

  4. NikFromNYC says:

    “So monstrous a mode of valuation stands inscribed in the history of mankind not as an exception and curiosity, but as one of the most widespread and enduring of all phenomena. Read from a distant star, the majuscule script of our earthly existence would perhaps lead to the conclusion that the earth was the distinctively ascetic planet, a nook of disgruntled, arrogant, and offensive creatures filled with a profound disgust at themselves, at the earth, at all life, who inflict as much pain on themselves as they possibly can out of pleasure in inflicting pain which is probably their only pleasure.” – Frederich Nietzsche (On the Geneology of Morals, 1887)

  5. philjourdan says:

    In one respect,. Obama is Lincoln. Like Lincoln, he has subverted and violated the constitution.

  6. gator69 says:

    Think about it Barry. Do you really want to perpetuate this Lincoln comparison? Do you not remember how that story ended?


  7. Well, be fair. It WAS Lincoln’s election which spurred Secession. A number of the Southern states had already announced their intent to leave the Union if he was elected. I’m a conservative New England Yankee, but even I have to admit that’s pretty dam divisive!

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