Understanding Arctic Weather

Arctic weather used to imply cold, but now that the Arctic is ice-free, the word “arctic” is synonymous with “tropical.”

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Snow, ice cause travel chaos across Europe – International – World – Ahram Online


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4 Responses to Understanding Arctic Weather

  1. Marco says:

    If you look at yesterday’s NOAA Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent, “The Arctic” is now basically everything above 45 deg. latitude:

  2. C’mon, you know it’s just gonna be “Extreme Weather” or “Climate Chaos” or whatever next buzzword they can hang on it.

  3. steveincabot says:

    Gore come on, this is getting embarrassing. Noone believes you anymore. All the evidence is against you. The earth, according to non-1st grade dropouts, such as real geologists and climatologists know the earth has gone through greater climate variations during its entire 4 billion year history before humans were even here, much less the industrial age. Do yourself a favor, save yourself the embarrassment. Besides, if you really believe all this stuff, you should lead by example. Instead, you have the single highest energy consumption of any household in America.

  4. steveincabot says:

    Or…maybe it’s so hot it just feels cold. Maybe it’s the opposite of freezer burn…shall we say “burner freeze”? Lol. This is insulting.

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