“President Should Declare Global Warming Victory and Go Home”

Imposing still more “global warming” restrictions on the U.S. economy makes about as much sense as losing your car keys in Boston but insisting on searching for them in Los Angeles. True, global carbon dioxide emissions have risen more than 33 percent since the year 2000. However, U.S. carbon dioxide emissions have declined during that time and will continue to decline for the foreseeable future. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that during 2012 alone, U.S. carbon dioxide emissions declined by 8 percentcompared to 2011. 

China by far emits more carbon dioxide than any other nation. Chinese emissions, moreover, are growing rapidly. China alone accounts for 75 percent of the global increase in carbon dioxide emissions since 2000. If the United States completely eliminated all of its carbon dioxide emissions today (something that is impossible to do), the only thing we would accomplish would be to delay by about five years an equal increase in Chinese emissions. And China has repeatedly and emphatically insisted it will not agree to any restrictions on its carbon dioxide emissions.

Thankfully, President Obama’s asserted global warming catastrophes exist solely in his mind.

President Should Declare Global Warming Victory and Go Home | Heartlander Magazine

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2 Responses to “President Should Declare Global Warming Victory and Go Home”

  1. Even the Chinese delegate to Doha told us China would carry on increasing CO2 for decades to come.

    What does it take for Zero, McKitten, Apple and the rest to wake up and smell what’s cooking?

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