Hottest Year Ever Update

Last winter, global warming devastation targeted the eastern US with beautiful, mild weather. This winter they are locked in a deep-freeze.

ScreenHunter_12 Jan. 23 06.31

10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.


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2 Responses to Hottest Year Ever Update

  1. Lance says:

    In addition, the Maple tree farmers complained about GW causing a decline in Maple syrup production in the NE USA, and Canada…I will be interested in seeing the ‘change’ this year….

    Add to that, the above average temps around Nfld last summer, causing the puffin’s babies to die due to ‘climate change’….i see the anomaly map is now showing that the warm water is moving away…so, now that the water is getting colder…must be climate change again…

    these people need to wake up and smell reality!

    • They are waging war (I invented the term “War of the Insane Left” for it), so they are like the ragtag bandidos in “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”: They just want the upper hand in every situation, have convinced themselves they deserve it, and would yell “We don’t need your stinking reality!” back at you. You notice they are saying, “the people have spoken”, to “justify” everything they do now, which really means they want to ignore the half of the country who voted against Obama–that is the reality they need to wake up to, above all else! So…yes, the country is basically in the hands of low-class, revenge-driven, power-addicted bandidos (or Mafia, which is more descriptive of the “Chicago style”, silk glove/bare-knuckled, blatantly lying power politics Obama uses). The only thing that will stop them is if enough people like you and me stand up, individually and then together, to deny them the rule of a free people. I am leaning most toward civil disobedience, on my own–simply refusing, on my own, to obey any law they make that I know I can’t honestly obey (like Obamacare, which is beyond my means and contrary to my fundamental beliefs).

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