Is Bill McKibben Working For Iran?

McKibben is pushing to block Keystone. The inevitable consequences would be to keep money flowing to Middle Eastern terrorists.

Lefties have been telling us for years that the reason we are having wars in the Middle East is because we need their oil. Fracking and Tar Sands give us the ability to end our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, and lefties are fighting tooth and nail to prevent that from happening.

If they had an ounce of integrity they would be doing the exact opposite. Their behavior consistently indicates that the agenda is to protect Middle Eastern oil interests.

McKibben refuses to divulge where his funding comes from.


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9 Responses to Is Bill McKibben Working For Iran?

  1. Pathway says:

    Marxist will oppose anything that helps America.

  2. LLAP says:

    @Steve: I got this off the “” website:

    In addition to individual contributions,’s work was supported by the following foundations in Fiscal Year 2011:
    •Artists Project Earth
    •Arntz Family Foundation
    •Binnacle Family Foundation
    •Changing Horizons Fund
    •Chorus Foundation
    •Clif Bar Family Foundation
    •Flora Family Fund
    •Fullerton Family Foundation
    •Gould Family Foundation
    •Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment
    •HKH Foundation
    •Janelia Foundation
    •The Kendeda Fund
    •Lewis Family Foundation
    •The Libra Foundation
    •Mason Hirst Foundation
    •Mental Insight Foundation
    •Mertz Gilmore Foundation
    •The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges
    •Namaste Foundation
    •Oak Foundation
    •One Percent Foundation
    •The Overbrook Foundation
    •Rockefeller Brothers Fund
    •Rockefeller Family Fund
    •Swift Foundation
    •V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation
    •William B. Wiener, Jr. Foundation
    •Working Assets/CREDO Fund of the Tides Foundation

    I would love to know how many of these “foundations” are tied to fossil fuels in some way.

  3. LLAP says:

    Here is the mission statement of the Chorus Foundation, one of the contributors to “”:

    The Chorus Foundation’s mission is to end the extraction, export, and use of fossil fuels in the United States. This mission is based on the belief that an economy—and society—founded on fossils fuels is unsustainable.

    • Then they are all for nuclear eh?

    • gofer says:

      They never say what will take their place. They seem to think if they ban it, somebody will come up with magical fairy dust that will replace oil, gas and coal. They haven’t a chance of a snowball in hell of stopping it but they hope to put a monkey wrench in economic growth and keep third world countries from developing. I’ve seen it stated, more than once, a fear of other countries becoming as prosperous as the West because that would mean all the resources would be exhausted. There’s either something seriously wrong with these people or they are just plain evil. I never understood why there’s a Communist Party USA. It’s just so unbelievably illogical. Do they understand the evils of that system or are they playing on other’s ignorance for money and influence?

    • gofer says:

      Trust Fund babies who inherited a lot of money and somehow feel bad about it, so they are activists for “social justice.” Poor little rich kids who are throwing their money to the wind for “causes” and of course the side benefit of tax shelters.

      “In a sense, my foundation allows me to leverage my financial privilege in order to help others be less abusive of their financial privileges.”

      In other words, I got mine, but going to make sure you don’t get yours.

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