Shock News : Drought In Australia Is Not Permanent

Australia’s top scientist told us a few years ago that Australia was in a permanent drought, but apparently he didn’t bother to do any actual science before coming to that conclusion.

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Drought Management Strategies – past, present and future


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20 Responses to Shock News : Drought In Australia Is Not Permanent

  1. gator69 says:

    It’s permanent alright, it just moves around alot.

  2. Elariel says:

    Your graph lacks data for the past 19 years and, as such, it does nothing to support your point.

    • What planet did you just fly in from?

    • Elariel says:

      To further point out how damaging that graph is to your point: You have given not explanation of what “percentage of area” on the y-axis is. I assume its the percentage of the area of Australia under draught conditions in any given year but you have not told us so it could well be the percentage of area in Ireland covered in clover Nor have you cited the sources from which you got the data.

      Where I come from such a sloppy argument would not be admissible.

    • Having read ‘Eladriel’s’ posts it becomes obvious that eco worriers are unusually dim witted.

      • Andy OZ says:

        Elariel believes we live in Middle Earth and has regularly spoken to mythical creatures.

        PS Australian drought conditions in the last 19 years have followed ENSO, so the last three years (La Nina) has been record wet years. BOM Australia has a great website to navigate…..even if there are a few misguided types in there.

  3. Rosco says:

    Australia’s climate commissioner once said that global warming would cause permanent drought and what little rain fell would not fill our dams.

    Then when late 2010, 2011 and Jan – June 2012 brought deluges and widespread flooding that hadn’t been seen for decades global warming was causing extreme weather.

    Now that July 2012 – January has been dry again global warming is causing drought, heatwaves and catastrophic fires – except that the northern Australian monsoon now seems to have “kicked in” and now global warming is causing extreme weather with widespread flooding and a cyclone or two.

    What great scientists they are – always wrong with predictions but the same message explains all weather phenomena !!

    Give ’em a couple of billion more and they’ll fix it !

    • Major drought and flood events in Australia consistently correlate to sustained changes in the southern oscillation index. A phenomena that is well known to meteorologists since nearly forever, and of which global warming theory says practically nothing. 😉

    • Andy OZ says:

      Australia’s climate commissioner’s salary (and those of so many others) depends on AGW thus they will never get off message even when facts don’t support the theory.

      • The UK is no different. Worth a read:

        “According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.
        “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.”

        “After leaving the University of Easy Access he got a job as “climate change specialist” at the government quango Natural England (which, incidentally, is supposed to be dedicated to helping the English countryside but which is bizarrely pro wind farms); then he was appointed “global director” at The British Council, advising on its climate change programme. Now he has just walked into a cushy job at the £1 billion global consultancy Mott MacDonald as “principal advisor for Climate Change,” where presumably he’ll be among the beneficiaries of Britain’s vast and pointless DFID budget.”

  4. Ian says:

    To pick up on your point, Will – one only has to match the SOI records against the actual weather to see how right you are.

    Note the wet periods in the middle 50s, the mid 70s and the past couple of years, and the 1958-1968 drought, the 1983 drought and the the 2002-2006 drought – all consistent with the SOI.

    It’s interesting that the NOAA index has the neutral range from +0.5 to -0.5 but the BOM has its range from +0.8 to -0.8.
    ‘Sustained positive values of the SOI above +8 may indicate a La Niña event, while sustained negative values below −8 may indicate an El Niño event. Values of between about +8 and −8 generally indicate neutral conditions.’

  5. Cheryl says:

    Excerpts from Australian, Dorothea McKellar’s “My Country” first penned in 1904:

    2nd stanza –
    I love a sunburnt country
    A land of sweeping plains
    Of ragged mountain ranges
    And drought and flooding rains…..

    4th stanza –
    Core of my heart my country
    Her pitiless blue sky
    When sick at heart, around us
    We see the cattle die
    But then the grey clouds gather
    And we can bless again
    The drumming of an army
    The steady, soaking rain.

    5th stanza –
    Core of my heart my country
    Land of the rainbow gold
    For flood and fire and famine
    She pays us back threefold
    Over the thirsty paddocks
    Watch, after many days
    The filmy veil of greenness
    That thickens as we gaze.

    And so life goes on, what has changed??

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