Strong Tornadoes Hitting Half As Often As They Did 40 Years Ago

On Monday, the community disorganizer in chief told us that storms are getting stronger.

In fact, violent tornadoes are becoming much less frequent, and 2012 was an historic minimum.

ScreenHunter_11 Jan. 23 06.07

tornadotrend.jpg (898×718)


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5 Responses to Strong Tornadoes Hitting Half As Often As They Did 40 Years Ago

  1. Mike Mangan says:

    Curious subject. If you believe in natural cycles, a return to an era of both negative PDO and AMO might produce conditions favorable to more tornado formation. OTOH, land management may have permanently altered the playing field and be preventing formation. The Midwest, for example, rarely suffers 100°F temps anymore thanks to fertile fields acting as air conditioners. (Corn. Is there anything it can’t do?) Any guesses out there?

    • johnmcguire says:

      Might be wishfull thinking on your part Mike , but it would be nice to have less powerfull storms . Here in the pacific northwest we are getting cooler , maybe due to no more huge clearcuts ? I would like to have those warm years as it made farming easier . But that is wishfull thinking on my part .

      • Mike Mangan says:

        The northwest is acutely sensitive to a negative PDO. It should be getting cooler up there. Warm years will resume in the 2030’s. 🙂

  2. Harold Brooks says:

    It’s almost entirely, if not entirely, a function of changes in reporting practices that have led to tornadoes being rated lower now than 40 years ago. Big changes took place in the mid-1970s and again ~2000-2002

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