A Not So Beautiful Mind

All through GWB’s presidency, lefties were hysterical that we were fighting wars over an addiction to Middle Eastern oil.

Now that we have a chance to become free from Middle Eastern oil, the same lefties are doing everything they can to prevent it from happening. They have devised a completely irrational and psychotic belief system, based around the idea that blocking development of domestic energy sources will somehow prevent bad weather in the future.

It would be difficult to imagine any belief system being more irrational, psychotic and self-destructive than that espoused  by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

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7 Responses to A Not So Beautiful Mind

  1. Eric Barnes says:

    They are all misanthropes.

  2. peterh says:

    Well we are already free of Middle Eastern Oil.


    Persian Gulf is ~10% of total use ~6-7 billion barrels/year

    We are in the Middle East to control other peoples access to oil.

  3. gregole says:

    US domestic energy production is doing great – no thanks to Obama as the vast majority of new drilling is on private land. A drill permit in North Dakota -10 days; on Fed land – over 300.


  4. bkivey says:

    “It would be difficult to imagine any belief system being more irrational, psychotic and self-destructive than that espoused by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.”


    But I admit that the Mocha Messiah and Co. are giving that travesty a run for it’s money.

  5. methylamine says:

    It’s entirely rational–if you understand the plan behind it.
    De-industrialize America.
    Cripple it economically.
    Crush the peoples’ will.
    Mortgage its assets–oil, land, and infrastructure–through artificially-created debt via the Federal Reserve.
    Liquidate those assets to the NWO’s model country–China, exemplar of modern totalitarianism and favorite of Agenda 21 co-author Maurice Strong.

    You see, we mistakenly think of America’s riches as somehow “our” wealth, or perhaps belonging to Americans who own those properties.

    Not so; the globalist control freaks–whose authoritarian minions call themselves “liberals”–think of us as animals to be slaughtered…and those assets are THEIRS.

  6. Michael says:

    And yet, John Kerry just divested of a substantial investment in Suncor, a major player in the Canadian oil sands. Suncor is actually a founding member of the consortium that started mining bitumen in northern Canada. Looks like Kerry just pulled a Gore. Fossil fuels are bad unless I can make some money from them. He also sold a minor stake in Cenovus, another Canadian oil and gas company. Cenovus uses Fracking in its drilling process.

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