Bloomberg : Sea Level Expected To Rise 20 mm/year For The Next 40 Years

Sea levels are expected to rise up to another two and a half feet by the time a child born today reaches 40

Reshaping NYC’s Future After Sandy

Bloomberg expects 20 mm/year sea level rise, and I expect monkeys to fly out of his ass. My expectations are more likely to happen.

h/t to Tom Nelson and Marc Morano

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9 Responses to Bloomberg : Sea Level Expected To Rise 20 mm/year For The Next 40 Years

  1. Dave N says:

    I rather suspect they’re expecting the rise to accelerate, than be linear, which makes the projection (it can’t be a serious prediction, after all). even more ludicrous.

    “..we’ve reduced the City’s carbon footprint by 16 percent and we’re well on our way to meeting our goal of a 30 percent reduction by 2030”.

    Wow.. NYC are going to meet their goal; his level of intelligence ranks right down there with Gillard and Combet. It evokes images of this huge forest fire burning out of control, with representatives from each country standing near it, and a couple of them firing water pistols towards it, with such contentment in their hearts and minds because they’re “helping”.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    What unadulterated malarkey. Pure undisguised hogwash.
    Look all, I just left a comment at hotair, and I think it’s a good comment as maybe it could serve as a template for other anti-AGW comments (it highlights my two main agw debunking points). This is it: Yesterday JNova did a piece on the stalled warming over the last 15 years. I commented: Critically important is that there’s no basis for saying that the warming before that, as in the 20th century, was anything other than natural, and if there is any future warming… that’s natural.
    We have been recovering from the Little Ice Age. Most people don’t know that. And most people don’t know how the politically motivated “scientists” have manipulated the 20th century data to accentuate the mild warming. And most people don’t know, unfortunately, that Mann and all, with the Hockey Stick, conspired to remove the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warm Period. With the hockey stick gone, you see that there is absolutely nothing unusual about current temperatures. In fact, there is nothing wrong with the climate. Nothing at all.
    And the central point is this: contrary to now retracted IPCC claims, there is no causal correlation between CO2 & temperature (click on the key must promote & share 3 minute video I just linked to). Repeat: there is NO causal correlation, watch the video I linked to! And to sum up: there’s nothing wrong with the climate, and CO2 has nothing to do with it. -anotherJoe

  3. Bit of a toss up, but I settled for the flying monkeys.

  4. redc1c4 says:

    the monkeys will never have a chance to get airborne if he doesn’t move his head long enough for them to get out.

  5. Mike says:

    Earth’s temperature was about 8 degrees hotter 120,000 years ago than it is today.

    Read more:

    Neanderthal made global warming to blame.

  6. Andy OZ says:

    Bloomberg has understated the situation. Sea Level Rising in Western Australia. Surfers are super excited.

  7. gator69 says:

    Bloomberg better have licenses ready…

    “CHAPTER 692 S. 7616


    Approved November 3, 2004 , effective as provided in section 7

    e. “Wild animal” shall not include “companion animal” as defined in section three hundred fifty of the agriculture and markets law. Wild animal includes, and is limited to, any or all of the following orders and families:

    (1) Nonhuman primates and prosimians…

    11-0512. Possession, sale, barter, transfer, exchange and import of wild animals as pets prohibited

    1. No person shall knowingly possess, harbor, sell, barter, transfer, exchange or import any wild animal for use as a pet in New York state, except as provided in subdivision three of this section.

    3. Any person who possesses or harbors a wild animal for use as a pet at the time that this section takes effect may retain possession of such animal for the remainder of its life.”

    This excludes ‘companion’ animals, and includes the grandfather clause. So Bloomberg is OK as long as those butt monkeys are ‘companions, or if they have been legal residents of his ass since 2004.

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