Fabricating A Story For The Morning Headlines

ScreenHunter_30 Jan. 24 01.07

Hazard kicks ballboy as Swansea reach final

The real story is that some nasty little Welsh ball boy decided to waste time by lying on the ball, and Hazard kicked the ball out from under him. The only malicious act was from the kid, and he was probably instructed to do it by someone associated with the Swansea  club.

The kid probably deserved to be kicked, but he wasn’t.


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5 Responses to Fabricating A Story For The Morning Headlines

  1. A C Osborn says:

    How many times have you watched the whole video?
    Why was a Chelsea player trying to get the “Goalkeeper’s” ball?
    What did it have to do with him if the boy was wasting time, that is the Referee’s responsibility.
    How much time was actually wasted by the boy?
    So Hazard wasn’t tacking his frustration out on the boy then?

  2. Old Goat says:

    The BBC got taken to task in the sports part of the Today programme today for alleging the ball boy was kicked…

  3. Ibbo says:

    Ball Boy was asking for it. Posted on twitter that he was going to deliberately time waste before the game.

  4. Andy DC says:

    I am apparently not intelligent enough to appreciate the wonders and subtleties of soccer. But with endless annoying, mindless commercials during NFL games, I might have no choice but to learn them.

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