Marc Vs. Locutus

I watched Marc Morano on CNN tonight debating some Borg from the Sierra Club. Marc rattled off lots of facts and figures showing that the climate is not getting more extreme.

The Borg response : “Marc isn’t a scientist. Climate change is here. The science is settled.”

You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.


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11 Responses to Marc Vs. Locutus

  1. tsuhtt1 says:

    The US rivals Saudi Arabia in Fossil Fuel resources with enough Oil, Coal and Natural Gas estimated to last 600 years into the future. However, because of President Obama’s Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory (CAGW) aka [Climate Change] beliefs he has just declared war on the use of these valuable resources decreeing their costs should “skyrocket”. I wonder if he cares that his Climate Change Policies will hurt the poor the most? It seems the only people being enriched by President Obama’s Green Energy policies are the greedy rich. If these resources were freed up for use they would solve our unemployment problems, grow our economy, eliminate our debt and improve the lives of millions of poor people. So are there any viable alternatives to the proven and cheap power source Fossil Fuel provides? For example Green energy: wind turbines, bio fuel and solar? The dirty little secret is Green Energy is unreliable, more costly, does quite a bit of harm to Mother Earth and can provide only fraction of the energy fossil fuel does. President Obama’s belief in Man Made Climate Change is not based on empirical data. It is based on Models. Models that do not take into account the impact of the Sun, Ocean and Clouds on the Climate The real world data shows that the AGW models were wrong. As CO2 has risen the temperatures have not as the models predicted. Given these facts President Obama should reevaluate his belief in Climate Change and start taking advantage of the vast energy resources available to us. The use of these resources would improve the lives of millions of people. especially the poor. Is President Obama’s dream for American one of desolation and hopelessness not growth and prosperity? Do they mirror the dreams of Greenpeace that do not reflect the dreams of the American people for a better more prosperous life?

  2. Sundance says:

    The Sierra Club Borg are going to be very unhappy to hear Jay Carney’s comments that there will be no carbon tax.

  3. Andy OZ says:

    Australian CSIRO scientist agrees with Marc Morano following analysis of new ultra deep Greenland Ice Core.

    It was 4-8 degrees hotter during the last Interglacial, and also Greenland didn’t melt away.
    This was when CO2 was 250 ppm.

    Science is a continuing process of discovery. My scientific theory is that anyone who says “the science is settled” has less than one nueron firing.
    And for any warmistas willing to challenge CSIRO – “Please explain?”

  4. Andy OZ says:

    Shock News: Chance of wetter than average season for East and West Australia is high.

    It’s literally raining buckets in the North West. Up to 250 mm in 24 hours from ex-cyclone (Cat 1 for a few hours) Peta.

    Millions of kangaroos have been effected.

  5. Andy OZ says:

    Shock News: Cooler Days and Nights across most of Australia

    Good News Australia: A mild La Nina looks like its forming and Australia gets two cyclones in a week with major flooding in East and West.

  6. Justa Joe says:

    Bill “the warming guy” Nye (Ed Begley’s good buddy) must have backed out realizing that he would get his tail kicked by Marano.

  7. Andy DC says:

    When a serious, highly intelligent guy like Paul Homewood politely questions the data, he is basically told “the science is settled, the data is quality controlled, we are beyond reproach.” But they refuse to answer his questions. Very arrogant and very telling!

  8. Mariana Torres says:

    Tim Flannery Australian Buffon “It will never rain in Queensland again” or similar, stated 5 years ago. He still has a job?

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