Sunbathing In The Toasty Arctic

ScreenHunter_40 Jan. 24 12.45

Record Arctic ozone hole raises fears of worse to come | Climate Connections

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7 Responses to Sunbathing In The Toasty Arctic

  1. gator69 says:

    What is it with the left, and performance art? Oh yeah, I forgot.

    Style over substance. 😆

  2. Rosco says:

    Wonder how long they stayed out in the sunshine ?

    I’d be willing to donate money to a fund that paid them for staying out long enough to develop a sunburn.

    5 to 6 hours ought’a do it !

  3. mikegeo says:

    The ozone layer is very, very thin. It comes and goes each year as sun activity waxes and wanes with the earth’s tilt. The most recent papers I’m familiar with suggest that the chlorine compounds that may diminish ozone are largely the result of natural degassing from the oceans – not from any man-made products. However, when you have your hands firmly over your ears and you’re repeating over and over “I’m not listening” , its unlikely you’ll convince any ozone alarmist that they’re talking nonsense.

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