Bloomberg’s Low Carbon Footprint Plan

You can’t make this stuff up.

Bloomberg is obsessed with a low carbon footprint for New York, and taking guns away from people in Wyoming. Meanwhile, his own people are freezing in the dark in New York without electricity or heat for three months.

Thousands Still Cold And Struggling Months After Superstorm Sandy

January 24, 2013

Frigid temperatures are blasting the northeast and in the Rockaway section of Queens — one of the areas worst hit by Superstorm Sandy — some 8,200 homes and businesses remain without power and many also living without heat are improvising, often dangerously, to stay warm.

Thousands Still Cold And Struggling Months After Superstorm Sandy : NPR

He was bragging today that New York has lowered its carbon footprint. Keeping the electricity off in Rockaway is a crime.  My grandmother lived there for 70 years – until two weeks before Sandy hit.

He is the ultimate Democrat – couldn’t care less about actual people, or doing his job. What a total jackass Michael Bloomberg is. He can always blame it on Bush.

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12 Responses to Bloomberg’s Low Carbon Footprint Plan

  1. Pathway says:

    You get what you vote for.

  2. u.k.(us) says:

    Take your time Steven, a well written post travels much further than one written in haste.

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    Another thing that ban-crazy nanny-staters like Bloomberg love to do right now is ban plastic bags and force stores to charge 10 cents or more for any paper bags dispensed. So, you need to bring your own bags. Now studies suggest these laws cause people to get sick, as reported by “Recently, many jurisdictions have implemented bans… There is evidence, however, that reusable grocery bags, a common substitute for plastic bags, contain potentially harmful bacteria… We find that ER visits spiked when the ban went into effect…”
    Further, they continue: “The results really should not be all that surprising. As Businessweek reports, prior research found that few people regularly wash reusable grocery bags or take other precautionary steps (such as using separate bags for meat and produce). So, not surprisingly, tests find coliform and even e.coli bacteria in a significant percentage of bags.” Not good. Bloomberg be banned.

    • I use them as garbage bin liners. If plastic bags aren’t given to me to collect I have to go the supermarket and buy them. I don’t see any realistic alternate options here. Paper doesn’t work.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      And another thing that I was thinking is that stores would have a greater amount of theft and security costs with everyone bringing in a bunch of bags. Sure enough, a quick google gave me links talking about just that, as this Seattle area report: Privatization and plastic bag ban factor into liquor theft spike.
      Also, having to always transport those reusable bags around tends to junk up my car, a difficult to quantify collateral cost that the bag banners could care less about. And the significant costs in store security & disease are resource costs to society which I’d assume are much higher than the minimal amount of resources saved in bags not used (which, as you note, Will, are often reused anyway). So, the bag bans which force customers to pay for paper bags are dumb. The only benefit is that the nanny-staters like Bloomberg that enact the bans get the psychological benefit of that “we’re better than everyone else” feeling.

  4. Sundance says:

    Steve Goddard – I came across this group called the Arctic Methane Emergency Group. Check it out as there is wild predictions that could make for some future blog topics. They are claiming that if something isn’t done in a few months the methane time bomb will explode.


    The purpose of this document is firstly to warn the world of the extreme and imminent danger of global famine and ensuing strife created by rapid Arctic warming and precipitous sea ice retreat, and secondly to provide a strategic plan for handling this situation.

    The international community is totally unprepared for the speed of change in the Arctic, the dramatic effects on global climate and the dire repercussions on food production.

    The tendency among scientists and the media has been to ignore or understate the seriousness of the situation in the Arctic. AMEG is using best available evidence and best available explanations for the processes at work. These processes include a number of vicious cycles which are growing in power exponentially, involving ocean, atmosphere, sea ice, snow, permafrost and methane. If these cycles are allowed to continue, the end result will be runaway global warming.

    The situation is so urgent that, unless appropriate action is taken within a few months, the window of opportunity will be lost. Adaptation to the consequences will be impossible, as famine spreads inexorably to all countries

    • “The world is warming, so why have winters been getting colder across much of Eurasia? This question has puzzled climate researchers in recent years… This deep chill was not just a one-off. Similar episodes were recorded across Eurasia in January 2010, December 2009, January 2008 and January 2006. In each case the cold conditions were widespread and extreme, causing serious disruption, damage to infrastructure and loss of life… Without a doubt, extreme cold-winter events have become more frequent across Eurasia in recent years, and climate scientists have been rather taken by surprise: frozen winters in Eurasia were not predicted by climate models… Ironically it seems that Eurasia’s extreme cold winters are partly a consequence of global warming, with warmer global temperatures driving sea-ice melt and changing weather patterns…”

      So take your pick. The region is going to melt and freeze to death simultaneously.

      • Andy OZ says:

        “Ironically it seems that Eurasia’s extreme cold winters are partly a consequence of global warming…”

        ROFL – These guys are taking the piss. The irony is they call themselves climate scientists.

      • Everything is partly a consequence of global warming. Best way to guarantee your paper gets published even if it’s crap, especially if it’s crap. 😉

  5. Gamecock says:

    “More than 8,000 homes and businesses are without power in the Rockaway section of Queens.”

    But union linemen are not being overworked. Bloomberg’s priorities are with those who vote for him.

  6. tckev says:

    Putting a greener spin on it –

    8,200 homes and businesses are doing their bit for future generations as they continue to exist without power, and many without heat. This will ensure that future generation will have a greener environment than we have today. Future generation will thank all 8,200 of them – honest.


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