It Is The Brain Damaged Mayor, Stupid

In November, New York got hit by a blast of Arctic air which collided with a tropical storm. The mayor concluded that the unusually early cold was due to global warming.

ScreenHunter_10 Jan. 25 14.08

Frigid Temperatures May Linger in U.S. Northeast for Three Weeks – Bloomberg

ScreenHunter_11 Jan. 25 14.11

Bloomberg is off trying to take away people’s guns in Wyoming, while tens of thousands of New Yorkers are still without power – three months after Sandy hit.

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5 Responses to It Is The Brain Damaged Mayor, Stupid

  1. He probably thinks it’s bullshit like every other rational person. But by blaming it on global warming he is attempting to shift the blame and responsibility to the federal government, and away from the woefully unprepared condition of his city.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    The supreme nanny stater Bloomberg must be loving it as an Oregon bill would make cigarettes a “controlled substance,” subjecting smokers to a year in prison if they don’t have a doctor’s prescription for their smokes. No kidding. Of course you will have to beg the doctor for an increasingly diminishing prescription. Why should I care, I don’t smoke. Yeah, but next the nanny staters are going to come and try to take your Big Macs away, and soda, and unregulated Cheesecake that doesn’t fit the govt spec.

  3. Chewer says:

    The human mind hasn’t changed for 10’s of thousands of years (other than losing a bit of of our 5 senses) and nature does create competition in many ways throughout nature, which we are a part of.
    Inequities are inherent in nature, yet some of our inhabitants believe that can be changed.
    The true definition of “Cult” is alive and well as it has been for the past 30,000 years (minimum), so all our attributes (somatotypes, neurological traits, brain wiring, etc.., are a result of nature and they vary widely. We only have 90ish conditions of the human body on this planet and if you believe two Alpha wolves can come together to rule the pack, you are mistaken!

  4. Pathway says:

    Off to the reeducation camp with him.

  5. kbray in california says:


    Most of us are not that stupid.
    The emperor’s new clothes…
    are lies with flies.

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