Obama To Save The Planet

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Obama’s choice of John Kerry as the nation’s top diplomat is the strongest signal to the international community — and the smart set in Washington’s political class — that the president is truly committed to striking deals designed to save the world.

John Kerry: Mr. Climate – Darren Samuelsohn and Jonathan Allen – POLITICO.com

Our creditors must be getting nervous watching the nutcases who run this country.

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4 Responses to Obama To Save The Planet

  1. Andy DC says:

    The pseudo intellectials think they are so smart! Isn’t that generally referred to as appeasement?

  2. Andy DC says:


  3. Ivan says:

    Our creditors are the Chinese.
    They are under no illusions as to the capacity of the fruit-cakes that are running this country.
    They are also aware that Obama & Clinton have signed off on eminent domain, so when it all turns pear-shaped, the Chinese will salvage anything of value.
    The Chinese are very patient. It is in their interests to build more power stations if it makes the U.S. “leadership” more psychotic and less focused on real world issues.

  4. Sundance says:

    Timing is everything Pew released its “Public’s Policy Priorities: 1994-2013” report yesterday and “global warming” as a priority for Americans came in dead last at 28%. In contrast:
    Strengthening economy = 86% @ +1 since 2009
    Reducing Budget Defecit = 72% @ +19 since 2009

    So while the public concern for reducing the budget deficit is +19 at 72% and global warming is -2 at 28% Obama’s priority is of course global warming. Sometimes just because ears are bigger they still don’t work. 🙂

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