American Arrogance And Stupidity

The US doesn’t control global CO2 levels. Even if someone is stupid enough to believe that CO2 controls the climate, they should at least be intelligent enough to recognize that the US doesn’t control CO2. Obama can send us back to the dark ages, and the climate will never know the difference. The US will just go down in history as another once-great civilization which collapsed during its third century, for the same reasons as its predecessors.

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13 Responses to American Arrogance And Stupidity

  1. Ivan says:

    Is he trying to send us all the way back to the dark ages – or just to the days before slavery, I wonder?

  2. Sundance says:

    From what I see many non-skeptics already understand this, but the global warming radicals like Bill M, Dave Roberts, Chris Mooney, etc., still cling to irrationalism and fanaticism by choosing to ignore data. Irrationalism fuels their desire to promote the symbolism of reducing CO2 (even though little CO2 reduction occurs like Kyoto) while staying oblivious to the ineffectiveness of such symbolism and the burden/suffering it brings to people.

    Those of us trained in the Socratic method are a dying breed, and such training has been replaced in schools by collectivist training meant to develop political uniformity. This is what creates the supply of oblivious supporters that embrace symbolism and reject reality, and provide a power base for people mentioned above.

    • It’s a type of fundamentalism. But remember, such movements tend to be ignored, yet in this case it was endorsed by the administrative bodies of all the major scientific institutes. So you can’t blame this on ‘mere’ ignorance in general.

      • Ivan says:

        I’m not so sure about that.
        This AGW fundamentalism requires a suspension of disbelief. Add to that the fact that the Internet area provides an over-abundance of information should people wish to investigate any disbelief. Yet we continue to choose to live in ignorance (mere or otherwise), without a hint of objection, and get all our information from “reality TV”.

      • Surveys suggest around 30-60% of people are highly sceptical of CAGW. (It’s higher the further back in time you go.) I expect there would be far less scepticism without the internet.

      • Ivan says:

        Big deal.
        That’s less than the percent of the population that either believe in UFOs, or think the government knows more about extraterrestrial life than it is letting on.
        It’s higher the further back in time you go.
        Which indicates that people are becoming what – smarter or dumber?

      • Depends on the survey and the questions asked. The devil is in the details. If the question is, “do you think alien life exists?” well nearly everyone would agree. If you ask, “Do you think Earth has at some point been visited by aliens?” even a sceptic would ponder that one before dismissing it. If you asked, “Do you believe aliens routinely visit, kidnap Americans in the South, and subject them to anal probing?” then I expect the percentage would be fairly low.

  3. Ivan says:

    All empires have a shelf-life.
    The case could be made that “U.S. civilisation” has been in terminal decline since LBJ’s “Great Society” and/or Nixon’s “War on Drugs,” and what we are living through now is the end days, where various lunatics battle it out for control of the asylum.
    But the interesting comparison is that Rome was eventually undone by ‘climate change’ (not unlike most ancient empires). The extreme cold weather events of 535-536 caused the major rivers in Europe to freeze over, which enabled the barbarians to get their horses and supplies into Rome in large enough numbers to overwhelm them.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Did the Roman Warm Period cause to Romans to raise taxes to combat it, thus causing their demise?

    • Rod says:

      Roman Warm Period led to raised taxes which were so effective that the rivers froze over. (OK I haven’t read “The rise and fall of the Roman Empire” but it all sounds pretty logical to me – and it is just as likely as the current crop of anti warming measures being effective!

  5. gator69 says:

    “Progressive Arrogance And Stupidity (and Dishonesty)”

    That batsh*t aint American, unless you mean “South American”.

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