Australia/Antarctica Meltdown Continues


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3 Responses to Australia/Antarctica Meltdown Continues

  1. Raindog says:

    I love the way people freak out about the poles warming and melting the ice. Antarctica needs to warm what, 40C in the summer before we would see any above freezing temperatures? And if it did warm 40C, the earths average temperature if only the south pole warmed would be increased by ~10C. Average temperature is such a misleading figure.

  2. Dave N says:

    The other week, supposedly “record” heatwave (though there wasn’t enough consecutive days to qualify anyway), and the media here goes nuts. This week (the whole week) is set to be way below average for this time of year; I’m betting they’ll be completely silent.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Global weirding rocks! I guess I have monopolized the board long enough with my inane remarks. Better give someone else a chance.

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