Another Peek Inside The Insipid Left-Wing Mind

Feinstein: NRA is ‘venal’

Feinstein, however, said Sunday it boils down to one question: “Does government have an obligation to protect those children?”

“I believe we do,” she continued. “I believe we do.”

Feinstein: NRA is ‘venal’ – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs

Left-wing nutcases are incapable of grasping the fact that everyone wants to protect children. Placing children in a building with a “Gun-Free Zone” sign outside is absolutely insane. It is an invitation for psychos to kill. No one would deposit their money in an unprotected bank – so why does Feinstein want to continue placing children in danger like that?

Feinstein displays the thought process of a two year old. She imagines that the NRA is some evil organization, when in fact the NRA represents the parts of the country which are determined that our children will have a future in a free and prosperous America.


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7 Responses to Another Peek Inside The Insipid Left-Wing Mind

  1. It’s called rhetoric. It is not relevant if a policy works or not. The mere act of appearing to do something is sufficient. The media doesn’t call politicians out on this, so they will continue to behave like this.

  2. Bill S says:

    Suggest you go to the Ruger website and fill in the form. Ruger has automated emailing your representatives. Volume does matter.

  3. Chewer says:

    Hawaii may be blue, but Alaska certainly isn’t gray:)
    The Copper River Basin is the last place in the United States where there is no government (none, zip, zilch), no taxes, no building codes, no councils and is listed as an “Unorganized Borough!
    From time to time there’s a push to become organized, but the reality is the population won’t take shit rammed down its throat.
    If you’re trying to negotiate with twisted progressives, you’ve already made your 1st mistake!
    The cult can be overcome, but not through negotiation.

  4. Ivan says:

    Looking at that map suggests an opportunity to develop a new computer game.
    The objective is to find out how many ways there are to drive from coast to coast without having to once pass through a county that was insane enough to vote for Obama.
    But what would you call it?

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