How Global Warming Made Sandy Worse

Our top government experts and politicians have repeated over and over again that global warming raised sea level in New York, and that made the storm surge from Sandy worse. Obama implied this in his State Of The Soviet Union address.

Had any of the experts ever looked at the actual data, they would have known that tide gauges show a linear slope since they were installed over 150 years ago – long before the hockey stick kicked in. There is no global warming footprint.

ScreenHunter_45 Jan. 27 06.53

Data and Station Information for NEW YORK ( THE BATTERY)

During the last ice age, the East Coast got pushed upwards by a huge mass of ice depressing the interior of Canada and raising the surrounding regions. Now that the ice has melted in Canada, the East Coast is sinking back to its original elevation. The apparent rise in sea level has nothing to do with global warming. If it were global, we would see the effect on the Pacific Coast as well – and we don’t.

La Jolla, California high tide 1871-2010

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4 Responses to How Global Warming Made Sandy Worse

  1. Andy DC says:

    Sandy is probably the only hurricane in history to make a sharp left turn and rapidly move from the Gulf Stream to the New Jersey coast. It was caused by a set of unique meteorological circumstances, totally unrealted to non-existent global warming.

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