Alarmists Pulling Numbers Out Of Bloomberg’s Monkey Zoo

(CBS News) Withering drought, vast wildfires, town-leveling tornadoes, fierce heat — not to mention superstorm Sandy — all made 2012 one of the worst years in terms of lives lost and property destroyed from extreme weather.

Climate change: No more denying it – CBS News

Extreme weather deaths are actually down 98% since the 1920s.

Aggregate mortality attributed to all extreme weather events globally has declined by more than 90% since the 1920s, in spite of a four-fold rise in population and much more complete reporting of such events. The aggregate mortality rate declined by 98%, largely due to decreased mortality in three main areas:

Deaths and death rates from droughts, which were responsible for approximately 60% of cumulative deaths due to extreme weather events from 1900–2010, are more than 99.9% lower than in the 1920s.

Deaths and death rates for floods, responsible for over 30% of cumulative extreme weather deaths, have declined by over 98% since the 1930s.

Deaths and death rates for storms (i.e. hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, typhoons), responsible for around 7% of extreme weather deaths from 1900–2008, declined by more than 55% since the 1970s.

Reason Foundation – The Decline in Deaths from Extreme Weather, 1900–2010

Alarmists believe that it is OK to make up numbers – because Gaia made them do it.

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1 Response to Alarmists Pulling Numbers Out Of Bloomberg’s Monkey Zoo

  1. miked1947 says:

    That is what they think rectums are for: Pulling made up excrement from! That is what their claims look like to me.

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