Minstry Of Truth Ramping Up The Climate Lies

With the U.S. in a record drought and the hottest years on record in the last several years, changes are happening so dramatically and so quickly that even predictions made just years ago are happening decades ahead of scheduled times, alarming climate scientists. The Pentagon is also concerned and its recent study cites climate change as a “national security threat.”

Climate change cover-up begins to unravel – San Francisco Climate Change | Examiner.com

The US is most certainly not in a record drought. Droughts of equal or worse severity were quite common during the first half of the last century.


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2 Responses to Minstry Of Truth Ramping Up The Climate Lies

  1. Brad says:

    From one of the commenters:

    “Thanks Sandy. I”ll take a look at your series. As journalists we need to gather together to build more momentum now that Obama has made this a big priority. I think we have to make a huge push, maybe using the climate skeptic scandal as momentum to get people roused. People tend to gather more over injustices and the more we get out the word that they have been scammed by the fossil fuel industry dis-information campaign the more we get their support. The time is at hand. ”

    Leftism is a mental disorder.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Generating disinformation? Isn’t that what alarmists do 24/7?

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