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Expulsion From New York Schools

The guy in the picture below could be expelled from school in New York for threatening children with a gun-like object, and jailed for having a magazine bigger than five rounds.

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How The Soviet Union Worked

The Soviet Union was based on the idea that the government would keep you sheltered, safe and in food and vodka – if you kept your mouth shut. People who complained or thought for themselves were labeled enemies of public … Continue reading

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It’s The Gang’s Handguns, Stupid

Scourge of NYC’s streets Ninety percent, or 2,493, of the 2,779 illegal firearms seized from suspects in arrests in the city last year were handguns. By contrast, a total of 77 assault weapons were seized in arrests in the city, … Continue reading

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46 Inches Of Rain In One Day – During The Coldest Year Ever

Climate experts tell us that heavy rain is due to global warming, which is why the world record rainfall came during the coldest year ever. Fig.A2.gif (652×474) http://trove.nla.gov.au/

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Whiteout In Colorado

Wolf Creek received two feet of snow over the weekend, and is expecting about the same over the next couple of days. Web Cam – Wolf Creek Ski Area

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Murder Rates Down 50% Since The 1970s

Since Obama was elected, gun sales have been through the roof – and murder rates have continued to decline. http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL32842.pdf

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EPA Kills 4,000 Jobs In Texas

Obama EPA kills power plant, 3,900 jobs in Texas Chase Power, the parent company behind the $3 billion Las Brisas coal power plant in Corpus Christi, Texas, announced yesterday that it was cancelling the project. “Chase Power … has opted … Continue reading

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Why Obama Wants 7,000 AR-15s

h/t to Lou

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CBS News Wants To Trash The US Constitution

The Communist Broadcasting Service is getting more aggressive. From Georgetown law professor Louis Michael Seidman: I’ve got a simple idea: Let’s give up on the Constitution. I know, it sounds radical, but it’s really not. CBS Runs Segment Called ‘Let’s … Continue reading

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Minstry Of Truth Ramping Up The Climate Lies

With the U.S. in a record drought and the hottest years on record in the last several years, changes are happening so dramatically and so quickly that even predictions made just years ago are happening decades ahead of scheduled times, … Continue reading

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