Announcing The Climate Virtual Machine

I am working on a cool new project to make anyone an instant climate expert.

What I am doing is building up a Vmware Linux Virtual machine image (using Fedora 10) which contains all kinds of cool software like my USHCN code, ncview, RRTM, etc.

Everything is free, and all you will have to do is install Vmware Player, download the image file, and load it. It will open right up into a Linux session with instant access to critical climate software, including source code.

Then everyone will be able to see for themselves what our officially sanctioned government climate crooks experts are up to.

I expect to have a release out in the next week or two.


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21 Responses to Announcing The Climate Virtual Machine

  1. Jack Clancy says:

    This will work on a standard PC or Mac, eh? Thanks.

  2. kbray in california says:

    Steven Goddard, you are a Saint.
    However translating religious writings into a language that the lay folk can comprehend has always carried risks…

    In the 1490’s another Oxford professor, and the personal physician to King Henry the 7th and 8th, Thomas Linacre, decided to learn Greek. After reading the Gospels in Greek, and comparing it to the Latin Vulgate, he wrote in his diary, “Either this (the original Greek) is not the Gospel… or we are not Christians.” The Latin had become so corrupt that it no longer even preserved the message of the Gospel… yet the Church still threatened to kill anyone who read the scripture in any language other than Latin… though Latin was not an original language of the scriptures.

    Lock and Load would be a prudent posture.

    • phodges says:

      You ought to take a look at a Peshitta bible…the original Aramaic 😉

      Passed down by native speakers unchanged since the time of Jesus

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    Then everyone will be able to see for themselves what our officially sanctioned government climate experts crooks are up to. .. fify
    Sounds like a cool and hopefully helpful project, though comprehension of what you’re saying is definitely above my pay grade.

  4. johnmcguire says:

    It sounds good Steven . I am curious about how much space it will take up on my computer .

  5. Eric Barnes says:

    Thanks Steven. I look forward to taking it for a spin! 🙂

  6. Anthony Watts says:

    Some help for noobs would be appropriate. I doubt many people will want to chance running Linux unless they are already familiar with it.

  7. kirkmyers says:

    Good work, Steve. Unfortnately, I’m not savvy enough to run the stuff.

  8. The free vmware download is 73 Mb, too big for my troublesome connection. Simple ASCII files of, say, no larger than 10 to 20 Mb, is all I would need.

  9. Dave N says:

    Just take my money already!!

  10. slp says:

    I have a fair amount of experience programming in Unix/Linux environments as well as working with various VMware products. If there is anything I can to do to help out, let me know.

  11. Sparks says:

    Sounds good, will you be writing a step by step guide? running virtual machines are straight forward enough, but loading the software and data under command line can be daunting and a bit of a put off for most people.

  12. daveburton says:

    Where’s the “Really, Really Like a Lot” button?

  13. phodges says:

    What a great undertaking.

    For any open source noobs, do not be afraid of linux…

    Fedora comes with Gnome desktop environment, once you have it up in vmware you will have no problem running it…it will be easier than the switch from xp to vista or 7. And as it is running in a virtual environment you can do absolutely no damage to your computer.

    You can even get crazy and download other linux versions to try!


    What’s Malcolm Allison’s hat got to do with it?

  15. NikFromNYC says:


  16. Chewer says:


  17. Mateo Luiz says:

    is the image for this VM still around and perhaps updated?

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