Arctic Melting Irreversibly At -30C

Climate change: Can we change in time?

By Carolyn Lochhead

The Arctic, melting rapidly and probably irreversibly, has reached a state that the Vikings would not recognize.

Climate change: Can we change in time? – San Antonio Express-News

Arctic ice extent is normal and increasing, the temperature is -30C, and this blockhead has probably never talked to a Viking.

ScreenHunter_162 Jan. 29 11.04

Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor

h/t to Tom Nelson


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10 Responses to Arctic Melting Irreversibly At -30C

  1. gator69 says:

    Who was it that named Greenland, “Green”land?

    Carolyn Blochhead should keep her pie hole shut.

  2. Robertv says:

    “The last time Earth was four degrees warmer than it is now was about 14 million years ago,” Barnosky said.

    . CO2 levels are higher than they have been in 15 million years.

    So 14 million years ago we had higher temp with a lower CO2 level and 15 million years ago CO2 levels were higher and we didn’t pass te tipping point ? ? ? ?

  3. Andy DC says:

    We have entered a period of irreversable climate stability.

  4. johnmcguire says:

    No one living can really know what the vikings saw . The history within our living memory of the arctic has changed , an example would be the concealing and then revealing of the airplanes lost during the second world war . These arlarmists are always running their mouths without engaging their brains . The vikings lived on Greenland for a couple of hundred years and for a time prospered . Yes , they wouldn’t recognize the Greenland of today . Now it is a frozen wasteland .

  5. Lance says:

    ya..but it’s rotten ice… /sarc…

  6. kirkmyers says:

    The Vikings settled Greenland, a much warmer place in those times than it is today. They also named North America “Vineland.” Perhaps they were the first to experience runaway global warming.

    The Alarmists refuse to think; they want to be told what to think.

    • I double checked your claim against proxy reconstructions circa AD 1000. Of the global reconstructions I checked; Moberg, Ljungqvist, Loehle and Mann, it appears all the researches are in agreement with you, except Mann. 😉

  7. Fred Allen says:

    It’s the SA Express News. The budget has been cut so much that it can’t afford to do the research and just pulls from other papers around the country. No one is paying much attention to the content of the rag here, particularly these preachy global warming articles. It’s reached a tipping point and its viability as a daily rag is plummeting.

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