One Sandy Hook Parent Which They Don’t Want You To Know About

Parents of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School appeared before a subcommittee of the Connecticut Legislature on Monday to speak about gun control. While some used the platform to promote stricter firearms legislation, at least one parent became passionate, claiming that there are more than enough laws on the books, that current regulations simply need to be enforced and that the nation needs to embrace personal responsibility.

At one point Mattioli got so emotional during the the testimony that he had to move onto a new topic. He eventually went on to say that “we need common decency to prevail,” dismissing calls for greater gun control. Mattioli gave the specific example of Chicago, a city with tough gun laws, but one that continues to experience intense violence. He noted that gun laws did not protect the hundreds of people who died in that city last year.

‘The Problem Is Not Gun Laws’: Watch the Emotional Speech by a Sandy Hook Victim’s Dad That Got a Standing Ovation | Video |

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2 Responses to One Sandy Hook Parent Which They Don’t Want You To Know About

  1. miked1947 says:

    There are to many laws regarding weapons on the books. It is not laws that are needed but individuals learning to be responsibilities their own actions. Laws are not needed in a truly society.

  2. Brian says:

    They showed clips from both sides of the argument on CNN. Including this guy. Just to be fair.

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