Assault With A Deadly Light Beam

Two years ago I was driving my kids to school, and the street was cordoned off one block away from Lesher Middle School. Three police had shot a man point blank in the chest seven times with .45 caliber pistols, for the crime of using a flashlight to see who was banging on his door at midnight.

Fort Collins police shot and killed a man Dec. 8 after he pointed a flashlight at officers trying to arrest him for multiple felony warrants, according to an official report of the incident that says the officers’ actions were justified.

Raymond “Fred” Ault was shot outside an apartment in the 600 block of West Alpert Street about 11 p.m. after he made what police called a “threatening movement” toward officers.

Fort Collins Police Officers Cleared For Killing Man With Flashlight

The DA of course cleared the police, because seven shots are needed to stop a light beam.


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11 Responses to Assault With A Deadly Light Beam

  1. Dave N says:

    Between them, the three officers shot 24 rounds. Common sense would ask: Why do we need to shoot so many times, and why isn’t this guy firing back?

  2. kbray in california says:

    Steven, are your children also learning Arabic ?

    At least one school in your area thinks it’s great for diversity…

    The tower of babel didn’t work out too well as I remember.

  3. terrence says:

    Well the poor dear, LEOs probably FELT THREATENED by the light beam. After all, it COULD have been a DEADLY laser beam – they HAD to defend themselves

  4. Mickey says:

    Sounds like suicide by LEO to me. Boo hoo, another career criminal dead.

    • You like the idea that police can execute people? Unbelievable.

    • suyts says:

      Mickey, “burglary/menacing, escape from community corrections, theft and eluding.”…….. I don’t see any crimes rising to the level worthy of the death penalty. And, most civilized nations like to have someone other than the police be the jurors and executioners. But, that’s just some of us. …..

    • dmmcmah says:

      I live in Albuquerque where the police department has been shooting people dead for crimes like having a butter knife. So down here, you have to watch the cops as much as you do the thugs. Like the Colorado case, they are routinely let off the hook. Yes sometimes they have to kill assailants but generally cops don’t exist to hand out life sentences, that’s why we have a judicial system. Personally I see the police as an agent of the “State” that needs to be supervised rather than given freewheeling power. The rambo attitude present in a lot of police departments today is as dangerous as the drug lords. Here is another interesting article about the Bronx police detaining a 7 year old for stealing five bucks:

      • In 1994 we were driving north on I-25 somewhere near Lomas, and we saw about 50 cop cars in low speed pursuit in the south bound lane. They had shot out the car’s tires and as we passed them, the police shot the guy in the head. We had two babies in the car and the Albuquerque police were basically shooting straight towards us.

  5. Anthony S says:

    Clearly we need to ban flash lights.

    • Ben says:

      Not all flash lights. Just assault flash lights, with parabolic reflectors, or high capacity batteries, or if it looks like something an MP might carry on base.

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