Australia Heatwave Update

McKitten says that Australia is having its worst heatwave ever

CHILLY weather in summer is a little out of the ordinary for Adelaide, which is in the midst of a cold stretch not seen since 2004, the Bureau of Meteorology says.

“In terms of the run of days below 30 degrees, I think we’ll end up with about 11 all up,” Climate Services manager Darren Ray said.

“That’s moderately unusual for this time of year.

“The last time we had a run as long as that was 2004, so it’s probably our longest run of days below 30 at this time of the year since 2004, but it does happen.”

Adelaide in longest cold stretch since 2004 | adelaidenow


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10 Responses to Australia Heatwave Update

  1. Ivan says:

    Does McNumbnuts even know where Australia is?

  2. Ivan says:

    It’s truly an amazing place.
    Worst heatwave, longest cold spell, and now worst flooding ever – all in the same week.
    Floods in Queensland worst on record
    The Queensland city of Bundaberg was still swamped by the worst flood on record last night and more than 7,000 people were unable to return to their homes.”

  3. Every January for the last 70 odd years in Adelaide we have had 11+ days below 30°C. Maybe not always in a row but we always get them, irrespective of the hot summer days we do get (often above 40°C). It is not at all unusual. The only year that had less than 11 (under 30°C) cool summer days was 1939.

  4. Andy OZ says:

    Perth had two hot weeks before New Year and has been beautiful summer weather since then. Perfectly normal. Pilbara/ Kimberely normally gets around 5 cyclones each wet season with two YTD. East Oz was hot for a few weeks with several bush fires due to extra fuel loads from 2 El Ninos. McKitten thinks we are the canary in the CO2 mine. Bullsh!t.

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