Living The Green Dream

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BORG: Why do you resist us?

CRUSHER: Because we don’t want to live the way you do.

BORG: Here it is quiet. There are no other voices.

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10 Responses to Living The Green Dream

  1. Me says:

    It isn’t a death star but a Drone Cube is in the works! 😆

    • Sparks says:

      The Borg have Drone Spheres which are like a Death Star!

      • Me says:

        Yeah, Forgot about that time travel death thinggy…. Dr. Who will save the day like he always does. 😆

      • Me says:

        It’s probably only the common wealth nations that will get a laugh out of that. 😆

        • Sparks says:

          Ha, true, But give me Star-Trek over anything scifi that the BBC creates any-day, the old Dr Who was great at the time, but as much as I enjoy scifi and documentaries, I just can’t bring myself to Watch, read or listen to anything that comes from BBC. Nor do I pay their zombie Tax or ever intend to, I’d spend the rest of my days rotting in jail before I ever pay homage to or encourage such vile and dishonest propagandists. 🙂

      • Me says:

        And Steven, and I don’t care what Piers thinks! 😆

      • Me says:

        I guess that Trekkie tube vid didn`t go through fer some reason……

      • TonyO of Aust says:

        Sparks – the Doctor Who series from the past 6 or so years are really good – nothing like those old shows. Well worth watching if you are a science fiction fan. (I’ve been watching since the first series came out on the ABC here – 1964?)

  2. Brad says:

    This is the perfect example of the progressive utopia. Most citizens don’t think and do what they are told to do. The individual is inconsequential and must be made to conform.
    Although, they still kept some pretty wicked arms and Jeri Ryan rocked in her outfit.

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