Obama Inauguration Girl Murdered In Gun-Free Chicago

A teenage girl–an honor student who had just performed at President Obama’s inaugural–was gunned down Tuesday afternoon in the Kenwood neighborhood, just blocks from the high school she attended.
CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports the victim, 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, was taking shelter from the rain with a group of 10 to 12 teenagers under a canopy in Vivian Gordon Harsh Park on the 4500 block of South Oakenwald Avenue around 2:30 p.m., when someone jumped a fence, ran up to them, and opened fire.

Just days before, Hadiya performed with her high school band at President Obama’s inauguration.

15-Year-Old Girl Shot And Killed In Kenwood Neighborhood Park « CBS Chicago

Gun-free Chicago is the murder capitol of America. Obama hopes to fix the problem of illegal handguns in Chicago, by confiscating legally owned rifles in crime-free Wyoming.


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7 Responses to Obama Inauguration Girl Murdered In Gun-Free Chicago

  1. miked1947 says:

    He must have studied “Climatology”!

  2. gator69 says:

    Now I get it. Barry thought they asked him about “street” shooting. 😉

  3. kbray in california says:

    This was a gang shooting:

    “Police said Pendleton had no gang affiliation and likely wasn’t the intended target. Several of the teens with her at the time, however, were believed to be gang members.”

    The modern gang culture was caused by the white slave owners when slaves were chained together in the ship’s holds and forced to labor in groups on the plantations. The white man caused the behavior to become part of their DNA. They cannot help themselves, it’s in their genes now. It’s all whitey’s fault. Embrace the diversity.

    • kbray in california says:

      PS: On the basis of being a condition caused by slavery, a gang member should be eligible for disability for life… it’s only fair.

    • Justa Joe says:

      What about latin gangs like MS13 et al. Sicilian gangs are also known to be pretty violent.

      Why hasn’t B. Hussein addressed the out of control gang violence on the Chicago southside? He won’t because it doesn’t reflect well on his “governence.” “America” decided that a guy that provided over this mess is the man to remake America?

      • kbray in california says:

        The hispanics and MS13 are the new slaves in America. They are forced to pick our vegetables all day long in the intense heat, so I’m told. They are also damaged and should be eligible for benefits. The Sicilians are OK. They like killing people; it’s just a quirk in their culture. Sicilians don’t need benefits, they collect enough money from businesses near where they live; no problem there.

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